These Pants Are Sending The Internet Into A Spin

Anyone for a penis pocket?

So last week there was the Shirt on Shirt debate around the world, with the release of a Balenciaga top featuring a shirt sewn on to a T shirt.

This week. Trousers with a penis pocket.

Erm. Image: GU/Uniqlo


In many ways these trousers are actually quite, well, respectable. You bum isn’t on show like some jeans of late, there are no giant slashes across the knee area, and they do indeed function as trousers should -- they do up, they fit nicely, they come in navy, cream and beige.

There’s just one non-respectable thing about them: they have a pocket directly over the penis area. A contrast pocket. That draws the eye down to the penis.

And we can't look away.

And there's a close up on this crotch. Image: GU/Uniqlo

The pants are made by Japanese store GU -- a more-budget-than-Uniqlo offshoot of Uniqlo -- and designed by  Kim Jones, a renowned British designer, but we're not the only ones who don't really get them. The internet can't get its head around them, either. Even Japan is struggling.

They retail for about $15 -- the brand is really really cheap -- but we still can't see the trend catching on.

After all, it's not like you can put your keys in there, right?