Toblerone Tunnel Is The New Thigh Gap And What Is Wrong With The World?

Another damaging body goal trend emerges.

C'mon world. What the hell is going on?

As if it wasn't bad enough that women are led to believe that looking good meant mastering the thigh gap, the ab crack, the "thighbrow", or the A4 waist challenge, now there's another toxic social media trend to make us feel more inadequate about our bodies.

The Toblerone Tunnel is a disturbing term referring to a specific type of triangular gap between the top of your thighs -- specifically noticeable beneath the extra-toned butts of stars like Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner (or the stars of the newly-made instagram page, @tobleronetunnel, FFS!). Not, however, noticeable to most normal mortals.

With around one million people in Australia people suffering from eating disorders, positive body image advocates everywhere are  -- understandably -- perturbed by the trend.

Liam Preston, head of the UK's Be Real Campaign -- an organisation that aims to put health above appearance -- told UNILAD it was worrying.

"Social media crazes like the Toblerone Tunnel tend to go viral pretty quickly and can have a damaging effect on young women’s body image and self-esteem," he said.

"We’ve seen it before with the thigh gap trend, which saw many young girls try to conform to a beauty standard that’s not only unobtainable for the majority of them, but also can encourage them to use unhealthy methods to achieve it."

You see  --  every woman's figure is different. Some women’s hips automatically have a gap there, while many of us have thighs that will always touch. And the thought that this is setting the new standard is incredibly damaging to young girls.

So yeah,  the Toblerone Tunnel is just another unrealistic and problematic goal to aspire to. The good news is that not everyone is convinced, with many outraged people taking to social media to share their honest -- and often funny -- opinions of the craze.

"I just want to achieve some kind of acceptable bikini they throw in a #tobleronetunnel," one woman wrote.

"Yeah I've got a toblerone tunnel....otherwise known as my throat #tobleronetunnel," another person said.

"Toblerone tunnel? Really? Well I’m never going to have one and I don’t care, my thighs touch because they love each other #AnotherStupidTrend #EatCheesecake #LoveYourself," a third woman added.

For the record, this is the only Toblerone we're interested in. Ever.