Oh Dear Kate Middleton's Been Caught In A Racy Netflix Gaffe

The Queen will not be impressed.

Call the royal guard because Netflix has done a very bad thing to the Duchess of Cambridge. The US streaming service has portrayed Ms Middleton, 36, in a peculiar state of undress. And we're blushing. Hard. See for yourself.

Racy royals indeed. Image: Reddit/Big_Miss_Steak_

It's entirely unintentional on Netflix's part. Like most other services Netflix displays TV shows and films in rows grouped by genre. And in a strange twist of fate two wildly different documentaries -- the very earnest The Royals and Escorts, an unflinching look at two high-priced call girls -- appeared one above the other. We'll let you figure out which is which.

A random coincidence. But still. The gaffe was spotted by a keen-eyed Netflix user who was quick to post the eyebrow-raising evidence online. It's since been shared over a thousand times. And most people are seeing the funny side. 

The Duchess herself would likely get a laugh out of it. The Queen might be less than impressed. But as far as royal scandals go this one is fairly tame. And with all eyes on newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle -- who are rumoured to be honeymooning in Canada -- we're sure it will all blow over very soon.

Feature image: Getty and Reddit/Big_Miss_Steak_