Blake Lively Is Lame, So Says Blake Lively

Here’s to Mrs Ryan Reynolds for keeping it real one 'gram at a time.

We love Instagram. Well Blake Lively’s Instagram to be precise. She’s just like us. Sure Blake IRL -- that’s ‘in real life’ for those not fluent in internet language -- is a glam Hollywood star/Mrs Ryan Reynolds. Perfectly polished and red carpet ready. But on Instagram? She’s all that AND darn relatable to boot.

Take her post from May 30 for example. The photo itself is pretty standard -- some beautiful pastries and a cup of coffee. It might be a flat white. But that’s not important. What caught our eye was Blake’s caption. And boy did it make us chuckle.

‘When you sacrifice a hot coffee to get the photo just right,’ The Shallows star wise-cracked. And haven’t we all been there? You know what we mean. When you’re poised to dive into something mouth-watering but have to -- HAVE TO -- snap the perfect Instagram pic first. How else is everyone going to find out which culinary delights you’ve scoffed that day?

And the whole process of capturing the perfect shot takes SO LONG. By the time you hit ‘share’ your delicious meal – or coffee in Blake’s case -- has likely gone cold. Boo. And like the actress says it’s a sacrifice but you do it for the ‘gram as they say.

Blake called the Versace gown she wore to the 2018 Met Gala 'bananas.' Image: Getty.

Luckily the mum-of-two has a sense of humour about it. ‘I thought this one really might impress you. Thanks Instagram. You’ve made me so lame,’ she quipped.

If Blake Lively is lame for Instagramming her food then we’re lame, too. And proud of it. Scroll down for more of the blonde beauty’s super-relatable -- and hilarious -- 'grams.

Nothing to see here ...

Just like Britney.

Not to scale.

The perfect excuse.

A Lively trio.

Look mum, no pants.

Slam dunk.

Poor Peppa!

Her Royal Highness Princess Blake.

Feature image: Getty.