This Girl Recreates Red Carpet Looks Out Of Food ... And We're Kinda Hungry Now

Just wait 'til you see her take on RiRi's Met Gala outfit.

Two of our favourite f-words -- fashion and food -- have come together in a young Thai woman's homemade outfits. And the results are both eye-catching and mouth-watering.

Benjaphorn 'Sine' Jessadakarn lives in Ratchaburi, west of Bangkok, and uses deli meat, durian, mushrooms, potato chips and coffee sachets to create works of wearable -- and edible -- art. Talk about a long shopping list. And Sine -- who also runs an online plus-size clothing shop -- isn't content with just reproducing everyday fashions.

Oh no. This girl goes big. She's challenged herself to food-ify everything from red carpet looks by Rihanna and Chinese actor Fan Bingbing to beloved Disney princesses and shoots by high fashion mags like L'Officiel.

The 22-year-old didn't have to look far from home for inspiration. She got the idea for her now-infamous prawn cracker gown from her mum who sells the tasty deep fried snack at her shop. The dress was a parody of Thai-British actor Araya Hargate's ruffled Ralph & Russo confection that she wore to Cannes in 2016.

Sine's all about poking fun at fashion, celebrities and herself. And the internet has embraced her tongue-in-cheek style wholeheartedly. Some have compared her to Australia's own satire queen Celeste Barber of #celestechallengeaccepted fame. 

Even Hargate appears to be a fan after meeting her doppelganger -- frocked up in the prawn cracker dress -- a few months after her Instagram post went viral. But Sine didn't start posting her outrageous creations online to become famous herself. She was just hoping to promote her online shop Framsook Lek Lek.

Image: Instagram/@framsook_lek_lek

By the looks of her fame -- Sine now has over 162,000 facebook followers and is somewhat of a celebrity herself in Thailand -- she's done far more than plug her business. She's taken cosplay -- for the uninitiated that's the act of dressing up in elaborate costumes for fun -- to whole new and entirely delicious level. And we cannot wait to see what she rustles up next.

Scroll down for a look at some her tastiest creations to date.

Who wore it best -- Araya Hargate in buttercup tulle or Sine in durian?

Enoki mushrooms get a glam makeover.

The ideal puffer jacket for those crisp winter mornings.

Instant coffee or instant wings?

Lettuce rejoice over Sine's veg-friendly take on Fan Bingbing's Ali Karoui gown at Cannes 2018.

The Chinese actor regrammed Sine's original post which makes us very, very happy.

Brave. Very Brave.

Feature image: Instagram/@framsook_lek_lek