Harry and Meghan Practically Upstaged An Aussie Politician With A Single Snap

The as-yet-unseen photo has us swooning.

Honorable George Brandis who? Australia's new High Commissioner for the Commonwealth met with the Queen at Buckingham Palace on May 31.

The historic moment -- which should have been all the politician's first official meeting with Queen Elizabeth II -- has instead been upstaged by a sweet snap of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The said framed photo -- nestled among other family shots in Her Majesty's Audience Room -- shows the royal newlyweds-of-the-moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in a cute embrace and looking as loved-up as ever.

The best bit? We've never seen this shot before.

That's right. In the adorable portrait the beaming couple are standing close together and Meghan has her palm on Harry's chest. She's wearing a form-fitting powder blue cap-sleeved dress while Harry is seen in a smart navy suit.

We're not entirely sure when this photo was taken but the snap itself might give us a clue. Harry's suit appears to be similar to the one he wore in those breathtaking engagement portraits the couple had taken back in December 2017.

Peek-a-boo we see you Harry and Meghan. Image: Getty.

The Duchess' dress is of course different to the Ralph & Russo gown that she wore for the sweet engagement photos snapped by photographer Alexi Lubomirski. Does that name ring a bell? Well it should -- Lubomirski photographed the royal wedding as well. He captured those three family portraits that we still can't quite get over. So. Darn. Gorgeous.

But it appears that the Queen has her own favourite snap of the Duke and Duchess. Talk about a proud Grandma moment. And it says more than that too. Meghan has wholeheartedly been welcomed to the royal clan. From Christmas at Sandringham to Prince Charles walking her down the aisle and her very own coat of arms there's no doubt that Meghan has been brought into the royal fold.

Feature image: Getty.