Dua Lipa's Latest Collaboration Has Us So Excited

And we just can't hide it.

Over the years, we've heard the unmistakable vocals of Dua Lipa join forces with the likes of Sean Paul (No Lie), Grenfell Tower (Bridge over Troubled Water) and most recently, DJ superstar Calvin Harris (One Kiss). But it's her latest collaboration that's really got tongues wagging. But it's not what you think!

Taking to social media on May 25, the English singer, songwriter and model shared with fans that she's currently working on not one but four collaboration collections for the "seasonless" fashion brand /Nyden -- which coincidentally is owned by H&M -- and we couldn't be happier!

"I have a little announcement that I want to make. I just wanted to let you guys know that I have been collaborating with a brand new brand called /Nyden and there’s give me total creativity to create four collections with clothes that I think you guys will really like and enjoy," she said.

Along with the announcement video, the pop star shared a promise to fans via Instagram that stated the collections would stay true to her individual and eclectic style and be made with her first love, music, in mind.

"My first love is music, but fashion also plays an important role in my life because I believe it’s so vital to self-expression," she wrote in the video's caption.

"I look for clothes that reflect strength and fearlessness, but also match up to today’s fast pace. So I’m excited to be co-creating with /Nyden on my designs – it’s going to be a collection that’s completely suited to me, both onstage and off, and for my fans."

Dua Lipa on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards 2018. Image: Getty.

Claiming to have "no collections" and "no seasons", the avant-garde brand -- which values integrity and humble arrogance -- promises on its website to deliver a stream of relevant drops and events. 

Whether she's rocking an oversized vintage tee on stage or turning heads in pink frilly number on the red carpet, Dua Lipa's style is always en pointe and she nails it every time. So it's no wonder the forward-thinking brand enlisted her creative direction.

"The /Nyden tribe is growing and the next Co-Creator is the chart-topping pop star Dua Lipa. With a fierce attitude and electric style, her collection will launch later this fall," the brand wrote on its Instagram feed.

While we can't wait to see what the chart-topping star delivers, not everyone is as excited as us. Some fans even shared their frustration on Twitter at the brand's apparent capping of its sizes at 16 -- which they say contradicts Dua's comments that the collection would be "universal and accessible for everyone".

"Not really accessible for everyone if it only goes up to a size 16 though ... so basically it's accessible for everyone unless they're 'fat'. Cheers love!" one disgruntled fan wrote.

"Guess I'm not considered 'everyone' to you as I'm above a size 16," another person said.

At this stage, there's no confirmation of whether or not we'll be seeing the collection hit our stores Down Under. Only time will tell. But the good news is you can definitely buy it online as the brand states on its website that it does in deed ship internationally so we won't miss out. Yay!   

Regardless of the backlash, we can't hold back our level of excitement. And given that the collection won't drop until September (according to /Nyden's Facebook), there's still plenty of time for its creators to get their butts into gear and work on their sizing -- let's hope they come good!

Feature image: Getty.