Women Are Showing Off Their Freckles Thanks To Meghan Markle

The newly-minted Duchess of Sussex inspires a beauty movement.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry walked down the aisle at the weekend and it was everything. Prince Harry bit his lip at the very sight of her and who could blame him.

The brand new bride was 100 percent heavenly and for a number of reasons. There was the casually-sexy undone bun, the rich smoky eye, the naturally-flushed cheeks and the perfect rosy lip. And that skin -- dewy fresh, golden and glowing. But there was one particular feature that caught the world's attention more than any other. And that was Meghan's freckles.

That smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks were spotted by just about every single one of the 29 million (correct!) folk who tuned in to watch the royal wedding. And not just spotted -- but adored. So much so that women worldwide hopped onto social media to celebrate Meghan and also themselves.

The women (and some men -- go guys!) added hashtags such as #freckleslikemeghan, #frecklesfordays and #frecklegang to celebrate their unique look and also, skin tone in general. Here, a selection of our all-time favourites.