16 Illustrations of Harry And Meghan's Royal Wedding Will Delight You

We simply can't get enough of these pics.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding was the kind of stuff fairy tales are made of. It was magical, enchanting and dreamy, and needless to say, it reminded us that l'amour still exists in the world -- well, at least for all us hopeless romantics, anyway. Yay for us! 

Needless to say, the event was an illustrator's dream. As the bride finally made her reveal -- in her couture Givenchy gown nonetheless -- on the steps of St. George's Chapel in Windsor, countless illustrators around the globe took pen to paper and got sketching to recreate the magic and charm of the day's proceedings.

Can we just say, it's not easy to recognise true love -- let alone recreate it in a picture -- but we think some of the following artists have done a pretty amazing job. From the cute and fanciful, to the stylish and charming, scroll down to see some of our favourite Insta-pics of the royal wedding.

Claren Stefanie, @cstefanie

This beauty and fashion blogger was so smitten by the bride on her wedding day that she simply couldn't resist capturing Meghan's beauty on the day. And we think it's stunning.

Gabriel Dias Agatha, @gabrieldiasagatha

Gabriel's charming illustrations of Harry and Meg's nuptials provide a cute and heartwarming tribute to the couple on their big day. We're loving the rosie cheeks, by the way!

Adrian Valencia, @drawadriandraw

The works of this Argentinian illustrator have become famous around the world. Recreating moments from TV shows such as the Real Housewives, his latest work of art showcases the nuptials beautifully.

Alexandra Nea, @alexandra_nea

Aussie born, and Sydney based, Alexandra is a graduate from The Design Studio at East Sydney Technical College -- and it shows, quite frankly. Here she recreates some of the more fashionable attendees on the day.

Karis Brisco, @karisbriscoe

Karis' watercolour rendition of the moment Harry and Meghan made their debut as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the steps of St. George's Chapel is absolutely charming.

Amelia Noyes, @iamnoyes

This Los Angeles based fashion illustrator's images of Harry and Meghan's guests are picture perfect. From Lady Kitty Spencer, to Priyanka Chopra, everyone who made an impression was included -- not forgetting Her Madge!

Sarah Congdon, @sarahc8

Sarah is a graphic designer who lives in Atlanta is the US. When she's not working on big corporate assignments, this self-confessed cat lady loves to illustrate the world around her.

Diane Bronstein, @dianebronstein

Having studied in Germany and France, this professional artist loves to put pen, pencil or paint to paper to create a masterpiece. Here she recreates the moment when Haz and Megs head to their evening soiree.

Vashti Harrison, @vashtiharrison

This author, illustrator and filmmaker's rendering of the new Duchess of Sussex is strikingly similar to the many Disney princesses we've grown to love. Did I hear you say, 'a whole new world', perhaps?

Victoria Jenkins, @miss_victoria25

Victoria Jenkins is a London based illustrator who specialises in fashion with a particular penchant on culture. Having worked for couturiers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Moschino, it's clear she knows her stuff.

Amelia Noyes, @iamnoyes

Amelia Noye's beautiful rendering of Harry and Megs departure to their evening supper is superb. We especially love the detailing on Harry's dinner jacket and Meghan's Stella McCartney gown.

Sam Bell, @thebranditgirl

Sam Bell is a brand styling and graphic design guru. The busy creative recently took to social media to share her charming illustration of Meghan in her beautiful wedding gown.

Rahel Oertli, @rahel_oertli

Rahel's skills in graphic design, photography and illustration are well reflected in this adorable little illustration of the regal newlyweds. Cute and fanciful, it's one of our favs!

Lucy Truman, @lucytruman_illustration

This beautiful collection of mini sketches by illustrator and artist, Lucy Truman, is simply divine. We especially love the 'his and hers' thrones, and aptly-adorned newlywed car.

Holly Munro, @letsfaceitdesign

Holly has been creating gorgeous personalised portraits for years, and her bespoke rendering of the newlyweds is just as delightful. Featuring Haz and Megs in their all their nuptial glory, it's a lovely tribute to the couple.

Hermione Wild, @hermionewildillustrations

Another memorable salute to the royal couple that we simple can't get enough of is this graphic rendition by Hermione Wild, whose Etsy-style artwork often pops up in online stores.