Vogue Cover Girl Rebel Wilson Called Out For 'Covering Up'

Why too much -- not too little -- clothing is causing a stir.

Rebel Wilson is on the cover of Vogue Australia’s June issue and everyone is in a tizz. For good reason too: the woman looks fabulous. Our only complaint? We can't see her shoes.

Let us explain. She’s wearing an oh-so-chic ankle-length camel coat atop a similarly voluminous inky black ball gown. Is it strapless? We reckon so. But we can't say for sure -- sadly.

With one hand on her hip she's captured in that slight turn-to-the-side pose that we all know is essential to taking a flattering photo. And this photo is more than flattering. Her wide, carefree grin and bright eyes confirm that she knows it too.

The full-skirt -- artfully rumpled and totally touchable -- covers her pins entirely, leaving not even a hint of the delectable footwear we assume she’s wearing.

A stiletto? A mule? Or maybe she's wearing a pair of her favourite sneakers. We guess we’ll never know. And we’re okay with that. Not okay are some of the less-than-positive comments cropping up on Rebel’s social media accounts.

There are the remarks about her physical appearance of course. "Rebel is that you?" one user asked. The curvy actress  -- who plays Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect films -- has long been subject to commentary around her weight and body shape.

Sure, this type of scrutiny comes part and parcel with being in the public eye. And yes, in the Vogue cover shot Rebel does look ever so slightly slimmer than she has in recent times. But it's just all a bit yawn-inducing. Is there nothing else to talk about?

Case in point. Even her hands weren’t up to scratch. Or size, to be more correct. Who knew.

Give Rebel a big hand. No really. Image: Instagram/@rebelwilson

In true Rebel style she addressed the 'you look too fat/thin/overdressed/tiny-handed' comments head on, tweeting an original image from the shoot alongside the print-ready version to highlight how little it's been altered. She backed this up in an Instagram comment confirming that no, the images were not heavily edited and yes, that really is her and her body.

“[It] really is me after a month of exercising and eating healthy.”

Now we’re all about exercising and healthy eating and the benefits they bring. But you don’t see many other cover stars having to make these type of statements. Unless you’re fellow Vogue cover girl Ashley Graham that is. The Sports Illustrated model -- she was their first size 16 cover girl -- also copped flack after she graced the front of the January 2017 issue of British Vogue.

'What business does a model of her size have on the cover of a high fashion magazine?' was the question on many peoples' lips. Ashley shut the plus-size chatter down in the magazine itself saying, "It feels so divisive and purpose-defeating, giving [women] yet another label." Long story short: Ashley is a model. And models tend to appear on the cover of magazines. Capisce?

Back to Rebel on Vogue. Some social media users complained that she was wearing too much clothing. TOO MUCH. She's not baring enough skin. 'Show off your curves!' they urged. The words 'layers' and 'tent' were thrown around.

Yet when she very famously showed off her curves -- and then some -- on the cover of Glamour’s July 2013 issue there was an equal and entirely opposite reaction. 'Put ON some clothes!' everyone screeched. Can Rebel catch a break here?

Image: Instagram/@rebelwilson

This time the actor -- who has just been cast in Taika Waititi's WWII satire Jojo Rabbit -- jumped in to clear things up. In an Instagram comment she admitted to being 'hesitant' about the multi-layered Vogue look but found it 'gorgeous to wear' -- no doubt! She loved the outfit and -- like most of us -- was excited to don couture for a shoot for the first time.

More importantly Rebel confirmed that a 'much more revealing dress' awaits readers inside the mag on sale May 28. Not only that but it’s 'sheer on the whole legs'. Hurrah! Perhaps our shoe prayers will be answered after all.

Don’t get us wrong. The less-than-complimentary comments on Rebel's Vogue cover shoot were largely drowned out by a torrent of praise and love for Australia’s gal-of-the-moment.

Critics of the dress-and-coat combo for example were pounced upon by fans who pointed out that this is Australia and therefore the July issue is all about winter. Hence the lack of swimwear -- or exposed skin. Duh.

Winter or not -- gosh darn it -- the girl’s worked hard. She’s the star. She’s the cover girl. She can wear exactly what she likes. A ski suit in summer. A negligee on the moon. Or dare we say it -- bubbles and diamond jewellery.

The coverline reads ‘FEARLESS.’ But we have a question to put to you. Is Rebel being fearless by wearing/saying/doing what she likes or is she just being ... er, Rebel? Not a plus-size icon. Just herself.

All about the bling and bubbles -- Rebel's first ever magazine cover. The July issue of UK Glamour.

Feature image: courtesy Vogue Australia.