Nine-Year-Old's Reaction To Royal Wedding Invite Is So Precious

'I'm invited to Prince Harry's wedding!'

Among royalty, celebrities and stars at the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a nine-year-old boy and his mum who have shot to fame with a very cute video after being invited to the wedding of the year.

Ruddi Waterworth-Jones received a special invitation to the royal wedding, for the work of his family on the Ruddi's Retreat community organisation, which grants respite holidays to people who have spent long periods in hospital. The invitation, through the Duke of York's Community Initiative, was delivered via a large confetti-filled balloon, and Ruddi's reaction was captured on video.

"Ruddi's invited to the..." he begins, reading out the message on the balloon, before pausing in shock and covering his face with his hands.

"I'm invited to Prince Harry's wedding!" he says with utter joy and disbelief, before running off screaming.

He appeared on British TV before the wedding with his mum, recounting how they ended up at the ceremony.

"We started the charity in 2011, in the last few years we've helped about 500 families by giving them a respite holiday in our caravans we've raised money for," Ruddi's mum Ali said.

"It gets them away from hospital life and give them a break."

When asked how he was enjoying being part of the festivities, Ruddi answered earnestly "it's amazing, I've never been to a royal place before."

"Might as well start at the top," Ali joked.

Ruddi said he was excited to "celeb spot" at the wedding.