Congratulations Pour In From Politicians, Celebrities, Friends And Fans

The world is in happiness overload and they just have to share their joy.

Never before has a newly married couple received so much universal love.

From politicians to celebrities, business leaders and the general public, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have received warm congratulations from people across the globe.

Malcolm Turnbull's congratulatory message to the newlyweds was accompanied by a super cute picture of Australia's promised wedding gift -- 'his-and-hers' Akubra hats.

The gift will be presented when the pair visits Sydney in October for the Invictus Games, along with a $10,000 donation to the Australian International Military Games Limited, the charity that brings Harry's games to Australia.

British Prime Minister Theresa May sent her "very best wishes" and, although she wasn't invited, hoped others enjoyed the royal festivities.

There was a notable silence from Donald Trump, but his popular northern neighbour Justin Trudeau didn't miss the opportunity to endear himself just a little more to his Commonwealth friends.

The real queen of England, Adele, dressed up for the occasion and toasted to the bride and groom, making special mention of Princess Diana.

And "proud" Briton Katie Price shared THAT moment with her message.

Ellen DeGeneres wished she was there.

And even though he was there, Elton John couldn't resist a sweet Tweet about love.

Meghan's former colleagues didn't forget her.

Including a personal message from her on-screen love interest . . .

And there were special messages just for you too, Harry.

From all corners of the globe.

The Royal Family also shared their congratulations -- and thanked everyone at Windsor, and at home, who watched the wedding that stopped the world.

Oh go on, one more then ...