Barry Du Bois On The Important Life Lessons Learnt From His Father

"He taught me to be prepared, but never afraid".

Barry Du Bois is a bit of a legend.

He’s brave and strong and sweet and kind. And so very generous of spirit. His heart is huge and, unsurprisingly, the man is loved. Deeply loved. And by many.

His Living Room co-hosts adore him and when he announced on screen last year that his cancer had returned they were clearly devastated. But Barry, 57, has refused to let his diagnosis define him. The father of two is a fighter and he is not, will not, let this illness get the better of him. Not if he can help it.

Barry with his Living Room family. Image: Courtesy of The Living Room.

Barry is going to summon up every last ounce of strength to put this disease in its place. It’s an admirable attitude, an unusual one. And it is kind of astounding to see it in action. So where does it come from?

A few sources if truth be told. There’s his friendship with co-host Miguel Maestre for one thing. He and Miguel have written a book together, Life Force, and while it’s a cracker of a read and they have much to be proud of, it’s not what they have created, but the time spent working on it together that seems to have boosted him most.

The affection between the pair is palpable. If you’re ever lucky enough to be in a room with them, you will feel it. It’s an atmosphere, a sparky, lightning like vibe that you can almost reach out and touch.

The two adore one another. Always have. And that friendship, love and support has allowed Barry to fight this battle. That love and also his upbringing and the lessons, the important lessons, that his father taught him long, long ago.

Amanda visiting Barry during his treatment. Image: Courtesy of The Living Room.

“There are lessons I learned when growing up that have helped me enormously,” he says softly, eyes filling.

He taught me everything. He taught me not to be scared, to be prepared for a fight. But not to be scared.”

Enjoying the TV WEEK Logies with his team. Image: Getty.

And it’s a lesson he has absorbed and absorbed and absorbed. Today, it’s a part of his DNA, he says. And while he’s angry, very angry in fact, about his health, he refuses to be scared. At least, not very often.

“I was angry. Yes, I suppose I was also scared … but there’s no return on being scared. There’s no return on that investment. So I refuse to invest in it.”

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Feature image: Instagram/@baz_dubois