How To Head Out On Harry And Meghan's Wedding Day Carriage Ride

See the carriage route through Harry and Meghan’s eyes.

In one more sleep, thousands of royal well-wishers will take to the streets of Windsor to catch a glimpse of newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they make their first official journey as husband and wife -- in their glorious golden carriage, of course -- straight after their nuptials at St. George’s Chapel.

And while our eyes will be fixed on the lovebirds, one might wonder just what it feels like to see the ride from inside the carriage. Well, to satisfy your curiosity, we’ve provided a rundown of what Harry and Megs will see as they make their way through the historic town of Windsor.

The royal wedding procession will take 25 minutes. Image: Getty/Google Maps.
St. George's Chapel

Straight after their nuptials at St. George's Chapel -- and providing the weather holds up -- Prince Harry and Meghan will hop aboard their open-topped Ascot Landau carriage and commence the 25-minute procession through the streets of Windsor. As the newlyweds come through the castle gateway, they'll be greeted by their very first onlookers -- amid a sea of red, blue and white flags. They'll then proceed down Castle Hill and onto High Street.

High Street

As they set off on the nearly three-mile procession along High Street -- which will be aptly adorned in regal paraphernalia and messages to Meghan and Harry -- the couple will get a chance to wave to the masses of well-wishers lined up along the cobble-stone streets. One of the first sights they'll see is The Windsor and Royal Borough Museum -- where Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005 -- as well as St John the Baptist, Windsor Parish Church.

Sheet Street

It will be a super close encounter for Harry and Megs as they make their way down the narrow Sheet street, with its delightful row of English townhouses. On the corner of Victoria St, they'll catch a glimpse of The Corner Ale & Cider House Pub – a beautiful renovated pub that features all the classic elements of a traditional English tavern. And finally, they'll pass the famous Victoria Barracks, where troops set off to change the guard at Windsor Castle.

Kings Road

The royal procession will then make its way down the picturesque tree-lined Kings road, where the newlyweds can wave to locals on their townhouse balconies. They'll then continue past the Royal Adelaide hotel, The Windsor Castle pub, and The Queen's 60th anniversary tribute statue of two Windsor Greys: Daniel and Storm on the right. And finally, the carriage will merge onto Albert Road before arriving at the entry of the Long Walk on the left.

The Long Walk

Exiting off Albert Road, Harry and Megs will then travel up the Long Walk towards Windsor Castle at the far end -- this location probably the most well-known image of Windsor. The couple will definitely feel the love of the people, with thousands of spectators congregated along the tree-lined avenue -- it's set to be a popular spot on the day with lots of well-wishers celebrating the event with picnics.

Windsor Castle

And this is where Harry and Meghan's first official journey comes to an end. As the couple arrive at Windsor Castle -- which is the location for their reception -- they'll have one last chance to look back at the stunning views of the surrounding countryside and say goodbye to everyone outside the castle before joining their guests for their wedding reception at St. George's Hall.

Feature image: Getty/Google Maps.