Has This Cafe Reached Peak Royal Wedding Fever?

It's a cup of Joe with bonus Harry and Meghan.

A bakery in the UK is selling cups of coffee decorated with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s faces. Oh yes, they went there.

And can we just say they’ve done a rather good job. Latte art is nothing new we know but this latest delight certainly takes things to a new, regal level.

The catch? You’ll have to nip over to Heidi Bakery in Windsor, west of London, to grab yourself a brew. On the plus side if you do make the trip you’ll be well positioned for Harry and Meghan’s wedding on May 19 as the bakery is “only metres from the Castle.” That’s according to their website anyway.

What better way to celebrate the big day than fully caffeinated, stuffed with pastries – they sell those too – and with a prime view of the proceedings?

Coffee not your beverage of choice? Or maybe you’re looking for something more festive. A bottle of royal wedding beer might be more to your taste. A Windsor-based brewery is selling a new special edition brew, aptly called Harry and Meghan’s Windsor Knot.

Windsor & Eton first hopped on the royal wedding bandwagon in 2011 when they released a classic English pale ale in celebration of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials. These guys are the real deal too -- in April 2018 they were granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment as Brewer to Her Majesty the Queen. All we want to know is if the Queen herself enjoyed the beverage.

And the brewery have really put some thought behind this latest tipple. Along with the locally-grown barley the recipe also includes a special blend of British hops called Invicta -- a nod to Harry’s role in establishing the Invictus Games --along with some great American West Coast hops in honour of US-born Meghan. Cute.

The label continues the cross-country theme on the label, with a tie made out of the Union Jack and the American flag. Double cute. The beer itself is described as “young, fresh and full of character” – just like the couple themselves. Cheers.

Feature image: Getty and Twitter/@heidilovebaking