There Are Swimsuits With Harry And Meghan’s Faces On Them: And We Want One

Bathers fit for a prince (or princess).

Lovers of wacky royal wedding merchandise take note. We’ve found what has to be the most unusual pieces of (unofficial) merch out there on the web. And they are certainly unusual. These custom print Prince Harry and Meghan Markle swimsuits take the saying ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ to a whole new level. Try ‘wear your favourite royal on your torso.’ We kinda dig it.

You might think it’s all a bit OTT and we hear you. But according to the online printing service Bags of Love diehard royalists are forming an orderly queue to purchase their very own piece of wearable history. “Nothing like printing the face of a Prince or Duchess on a swimming costume and rocking it proudly on the beach,” a spokesperson for Bags of Love said. Indeed.

For about $53 you too can sport a huge snap of Haz, Megs or even Will and Kate to the beach, pool or anywhere you like really. Who are we to dictate where and when one’s affection for the monarchy might be displayed? Heck, wear it while you watch the wedding on May 19. You’re already decking out your pad with some of the best decorations so why not go the extra mile with your outfit too. Just don’t forget your hat and gloves -- it is a formal event after all.

Feature image: Bags of Love