Yes, Professional Tea Drinkers Do Exist, And Yes You Can Be One

Oh, the possibili-teas…

There’s nothing like a hot cuppa to calm the soul and reinvigorate the mind during a long work day. Or any type of day for that matter. From a fancy herbal blend to old favourite English Breakfast (milk and no sugar, thanks), we’re all about a fresh brew here at ten daily. Which is why this news made us stop and put down our cups.

Whimsically-named Canberra-based tea company Serendibitea has put the call out for professional tea drinkers. Yes, you read that right -- people who will sup a cup for a living. Or as the tea company specifies, those with a “professional approach to the drinking, enjoying and evaluating of tea.” If you know your Oolong from your Darjeeling and think you’re up for the job, read on.

Are you a big fan of a fresh brew? Apply within. Image: Getty.

Serendibitea has some rather specific prerequisites for the role. The ideal candidate will not only have a “demonstrated experience of mindful relaxation in outdoor settings,” but also an “exhaustive appreciation of designer hot beverages.” So you see, a lukewarm love of a simple cuppa simply won’t do.

If you reckon you’ll fit the role to a tea (oh yes, we went there) then head on over to their Facebook page to apply. Now that we’ve hopefully helped a tea-lover find their perfect job it’s time to pop the kettle on. Bliss.

Feature image: Getty.