See You Later Beyonce: There's A New Queen Of Instagram Now

Say hello to your new obsession.

It used to be that only A-grade celebrities and reality TV stars would land our likes and/or follows but that was before the invention of the Insta pet. Not yet following? Well, it’s high time you did.

Here's our current favourites. Tap tap!



Sullivan, the wired haired mini dachshund, is hands down one of the most adorable canines to ever hit social media. We can't resist looking into those big brown eyes! Whether he’s playing dress-up or simply rolling around on the floor with his toy panda, a dog’s work is never done. Thankfully, at the end of a long day, he can relax and unwind with a bowl of his favourite puppy “Pawsecco".



Originally, this account was about Harlow, a weimaraner, and her sister Sage, a miniature dachshund -- the best canine companions in the world. But after Sage’s passing in 2013, Harlow started hanging out with two new friends: Indiana and Reece, both miniature dachshunds. And the trio have been inseparable ever since. From playing peak-a-boo, and posing in matching outfits, to snuggling up together on the sofa, it’s never a dull moment in this loved-up household.



Frost is a sassy, outspoken and unapologetic rescue kitty, who was adopted after her first owner abandoned her as a kitten. But despite having a rough start in life, she’s gone on to achieve superstardom status with more than 100K followers on Instagram as well as a number of celebrity endorsements. With her beautiful green eyes and snow white fur, this famous feline is super cute and she has a voice all her own.



This adorable two-year-old miniature dachshund lives in London with her two mummies. When she’s not spending time with her best friend Flossie, a gorgeous long-haired golden retriever, she likes to wear fancy dress, curl up with her humans and enjoy belly rubs. She’s also a huge supporter of marriage equality (Go Mildred!) and one of the co-founders of Sausage Walk London, a community walking event for dachshund enthusiasts.



It’s difficult to scroll past Oliver, the loveable five-year-old Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle Mix). He’s just so adorable -- and squeezable to boot! He poses for selfies like a total boss, and he never lets his followers down by regularly updating his Instagram. He also loves to play dress ups and frequently appears as a number of recognisable characters. Our faves are Fozzie Bear, the Easter bunny and Alf. He’s just so damn cute!



Meet Hamlet, a California stylin’, Insta-famous pig -- better known as “Hammy” to her friends. When she’s not stealing our hearts on social media, Hamlet enjoys living the good life. She enjoys dressing up, loves long walks to the fridge and she’s obsessed with watching reality TV. She’s also an unofficial service animal for her human, Melanie, who suffers from epilepsy. If she sees signs of a looming seizure, Hamlet prevents Melanie from getting up and moving. Awww!



What do nine dogs, a pig, three chickens, two ducks and a rabbit add up to? A daily dose of cuteness that’s what. The gang are all featured on their human Greig’s Instagram account, which attracts more than 700K followers each day. It all started when Greig’s dog Wolfgang was hit and killed by a car, leaving him heartbroken. Since then, Greig’s made it his mission to adopt the least adoptable animals from his local shelter and document it on Instagram. And we couldn’t be happier!



There’s nothing like a good rags-to-riches story to tug on your heart strings. And this one is winner! At nearly 10 years of age, Shih Tzu Marnie was found abandoned by the curb, unloved and unwanted. She was blind in one eye, her teeth were rotten, and she smelt really bad. After spending four months at a shelter, she was finally adopted by her new bae Shirley. These days, when she’s not posting selfies with celebrities, Marnie also volunteers as service dog.



Another ridiculously cute canine worth following is Stella, the five-year-old English Labrador. Whether she’s scouring the garden for treats, curling up on the couch, or simply snuggling with her adorable little human, this pampered pooch loves nothing more than taking selfies and sharing them with her legion of followers on Instagram. Her super-cute posts never fail to impress us!

Feature image: Instagram/@harlowandsage