All The Details About Meghan Markle's $180,000 Wedding Dress

And guess who has to pay for it.

The secret is out. Meghan Markle’s wedding dress will be created by couturiers Ralph & Russo -- or so the talk amongst the fashion set goes. As we reported earlier, Meghan will don two dresses on the day, just like Kate Middleton did during her royal wedding. No details have been released. Well, not officially anyway, but several fashion insiders have confirmed the first dress will be a Ralph & Russo number.

Meghan and her Prince Harry - gearing up for one very big day. Image: Getty.

Yes. That Ralph & Russo -- that is to say Australian design duo Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo. The couture house is often referred to as British -- but that's where the brand kicked off. The folk behind it are actually Aussie, born and bred. Ralph harks from the humble Sydney beachside suburb of Cronulla where her dressmaker family still resides. Russo,  an ex-banker, is from Brisbane. The pair met in London and instantly bonded over their love of style and a similar upbringing. Not too long later, Ralph & Russo was born.

Since launching their label the couple has gone from strength to strength - dressing everyone from Sophia Vergara to Hailey Baldwin, Jenna Dewing Tatum to Jourdan Dunn. And yes -- before you ask -- they were their creative genius behind the shimmering, detailed gown Meghan wore for her official engagement pictures too.

This means that theirs will be the dress Meghan wears when she walks down the aisle at St George’s Chapel while watched by 600 personally-chosen and very lucky guests. It will also be the gown she wears for the reception hosted afterwards by the Queen in St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle. But back to that walk down the aisle … This moment will be screened on TV worldwide. And, it’s estimated close to a billion viewers will stop whatever they’re doing and tune in. We certainly will and we can’t wait to see what the soon-to-be-royal looks like when the big moment comes.

A headpiece for Meghan Markle maybe? We hope so. Image: Getty.

We’re not across all the details of course, but then nobody is. Will she wear her hair up or loose? Will her makeup be sophisticated or ultra natural? Can’t yet say. But we can say this -- Meghan will look incredible. Let’s face it, girl would look astonishing in anything, but in a personally-made Ralph & Russo gown … well, she’ll be straight-up heavenly ensuring that this is a wedding the world will never forget.

On that, it’s a wedding the Prince’s accountant will likely not forget either. The heavily-beaded, hand-stitched gown is said to be costing Harry and the royal family a sizeable sum -- 100, 000 pounds (or AU $180,000) to be exact.

The very flamboyant signature style of Ralph & Russo. Fingers crossed for feathers! Image: Getty.

Meghan has not revealed how she feels about the gown (Harry neither), but her good friend Priyanka Chopra is having trouble keeping the details to herself.

On Thursday May 3, the 35-year-old actress opened up about the royal wedding on the chat show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She was asked whether Meghan shed a tear when she found her wedding dress. Priyanka tried to keep a straight face but failed, sharing a broad grin and then burying her face in her hands. Andy was quick to yell, “Yes!’ and Priyanka let it slide. As far as we’re concerned -- yes indeed. Meghan did get emotional about that very special dress.

Priyanka Chopra, Meghan's BFF, and possible spiller of beans. Image: Getty.

Priyanka, who has confirmed she will be at the wedding but not whether she will be a part of the official wedding party, also revealed she had not yet bought a gift. Nor a hat apparently. She announced she was stressed about finding an appropriate ‘little hat’.

Later that day, Priyanka also opened up about the upcoming royal nuptials on Barstool Sports’ “Chicks in the Office” Sirius XM radio show on Thursday. (Note to self: Don’t spill secrets to Priyanka unless you want them to be broadcast worldwide).

Maybe Meghan will go a little more sleek and chic? Or, display some daring cleavage. Image: Getty.

“I think it will be really fun, I’m really happy for Meg,” said Priyanka when asked how she felt the big day would roll.

“It will be such a life changing thing not just for them but for the world and for young girls out there because she is one of us, right? She’s that girl, she loves grocery shopping … She has always been someone who cares about the world that I think she will fit so well into this new role that she is going to get into to. I’m just really happy for her … It’s a fairy tale for our generation.”

A model walks the runway during the Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018 show. Might Meghan's gown look like this? Image: Getty.

And that’s not all. Oh no. Prianka had more to say. When asked about Markle’s bridesmaids’ dresses, she declared they would be in keeping with Meghan’s style which she declared ‘relatable’.

“She’s doing it so cool, like, she has her own perspective the way she dresses,” said Priyanka. “She’s such a little fashionista, but at the same time she keeps it really real which is what really like about her style … It’s very relatable.”

Sure, as relatable as a 100,000 pound dress can be. But she’s a royal right? Well about to be and we’re kind of delighted that Meghan is going all out. Why not right? She won’t be marrying a prince again any time soon.