How To Make An Old Fashioned - The OG Cocktail

Because sometimes a beer just won’t do.

The Old Fashioned has been in existence for a very long time -- like way long. According to folklore (well, chat at my local bar anyway) it was invented in the late 19th Century and was officially named in the 1880s. It is an IBA official cocktail -- that’s International Bar Association for the uninitiated.

The reason it is so damn popular? Well, there’s a couple actually. Firstly, it tastes awesome. Secondly, it’s dead simple to make. On that: you do it like this.

An oldie - but most definitely a goodie. Image: Getty.
One old fashioned coming atcha

Place a sugar cube in a tumbler (make it glass -- you’re a grown-up now). Add a dash (or three) of Angostura bitters plus a quick splash of soda water or still water. Mix or muddle (that’s basically a wanky term for mushing the ingredients a spoon) until the sugar is dissolved.

Next, add a couple of ice cubes and a standard shot of Bourbon or Rye whiskey. Garnish with an orange rind and a cocktail cherry.

Other Cocktails You Might Like To Sample Now That You’ve Had Four Of Those

Drinks International released its top 10 cocktails recently with the Old Fashioned coming in at number one. Of course, that means there’s another nine to work your way through and they are …

10. Mojito

Slipping down a spot to number 10 is this rum-based Cuban classic.

9. Espresso Martini

One of the most talked about drinks in the last year or so, this after-dinner cocktail of espresso coffee, vodka and coffee liqueur packs a punch.

8. Moscow Mule

The relatively uncomplicated drink -- it’s just vodka, lime, ginger and soda --managed to hold its place for the second year in a row.

The espresso martini is only becoming more popular. Image: Getty.
7. Manhattan

Traditionally a top four cocktail, the ever-classy Manhattan (it is named for an iconic New York city suburb, after all) saw a considerable drop in popularity.

6. Margarita

The very festive Margarita shifted up one place from last year.

5. Daiquiri

The versatile Daiquiri -- add your preferred fruit to make it your own -- is the most ordered rum drink in the world’s best bars.

Seriously tasty - a freshly-made Margarita. Image: Getty.
4. Dry Martini

Scooting up two places this year is the Dry Martini -- made with gin, not vodka, mind you. Shaken or stirred, it’s up to you.

3. Whiskey Sour

The Whiskey Sour (yep, the one with the egg white) gained two places this year, zooming past the Daiquiri and Manhattan.

2. Negroni

It’s a case of always the bridesmaid and never the bride for the bitter Negroni, which has spent four years in a row in second place.