13 Things To Never Say (Or Do) On A First Date

Here's 10 daily's guide to first date dos and don'ts.

We’ve all had them. Those shocker -- should have-swiped-left -- first dates that we’d rather forget.

Whether it was as simple as having a few too many Manhattans, or just a total personality mismatch, a lot can go wrong on a first meeting -- and it often does.

To provide you with some reassurance that you're not the only one, the ten daily team has listed some of the strangest -- or should we say, most offensive -- first time encounters we've ever experienced.

It's our official list of the absolute worst things you can say on a first date. Feel free to print it out, pop it in your wallet and read it aloud on your next first date. And make sure you tell us how that goes!

A Scarlet Woman

One sure-fire way to turn a woman off is to comment on her makeup -- especially in a negative fashion.

“One first date told me he thought that a woman who wears red lipstick looks like a whore ... I was wearing red lipstick at the time,” said 10 daily Social Media Producer Alexandra Anastassiou.

What He Really Thinks

"He asked me what I did for a living," said 10 daily News Reporter Siobhan Kenna of her memorable first date.

"When I told him I was a journalist he declared that journalists were the sole source of negativity in the entire world and the only reason anyone ever says anything negative ... ever."

“So, uhhh … do you want to make out?” Image: Getty.
Fast and the Furious

10 daily News Editor Eoin Blackwell recalls the cringe-worthy -- albeit hilarious -- moment his mate Tim attempted to woo a date at a party.

He said the chat went like this ...

Tim: “They should show toboggan races at IMAX.”

Tim’s unlucky date: “But they would last for than a minute.”

Tim's immediate and perhaps not very well thought-out response: “Some of the best things in life happen in under a minute.” *Boom tish*

Straight to the Point

“So … do you want to make out?” These smooth words were spoken by a former uni mate of 10 daily Senior Product Manager Albie Abiog. Despite having zero social skills, Albi says his friend obviously did something right. His mate and his intended flirtation are now married with two kids. “She thought he was cute ... But I think him being a stoner back in the day helped in the delivery of said line.”

Honesty the Best Policy?

10 daily Senior Lifestyle Reporter Mark Brook recalls a first-time encounter with someone he met online. “At the end of our first meeting, my date said, ‘You know when I first saw you I wasn’t attracted to you, but after getting to know you I’m so much more attracted to you.’ Now that’s one way to win my affection,” he says.

That awkward moment you realise your girlfriend likes the same guy. Image: Getty.
Check, Please!

Sometimes it’s what someone doesn’t say that has the most impact.

“During an evening, my date went to the bathroom but took his time. So I sent him a message to make sure everything was okay and he replied, ‘I’m on my way to a house party in another suburb’. The next day he called to apologise and reschedule ... that was a no,” recalls Matt Whitehead, 10 daily Senior Entertainment Reporter.

Double Trouble

10 daily  Lifestyle Editor Kelly Baker recalls meeting a man at a party.

“When he asked me for my number I was super pleased,” she recalls.

“On the way home from the party I shared a cab with a friend and told her all about it. She was super excited too – especially as she’d met a guy who had asked her for her number too! Winning. Same guy of course … Yes, it’s a numbers game sure but could you at least throw your net a little wider than just the one party?”

Masterchef Misery

Another disastrous first date put Alex's cooking skills to the test. "So this guy asked me over to his place for dinner, and I thought, 'how nice'. But when I arrived, I realised he wanted me to cook his dinner."

To make matters worse, he kept pointing out everything Alex was doing wrong and then failed to say a single word to her as he inhaled his meal. Big mistake.

Sometimes it's what people don't say that matters. Image: Getty.
Three’s a Crowd

10 daily Lifestyle Reporter Gill Wolski went on a date with a guy who kept receiving texts from another girl at the dinner table. "I thought, ‘how nice he has platonic relationships with other girls? Not!’ While I don't think he reciprocated this keen female's attentions, the fact that he preferred to check his phone rather than engage with me speaks volumes."

Two for the Price of One

A coupon isn’t a big deal, right? Ask 10 daily Video Team Lead, Wade Shipard who had been given a voucher to Cafe Sydney and was saving it for just the right occasion.

“On the date in question, I wanted to impress, so I managed to get a balcony table and the dinner was lovely. But when it came time to pay, I pulled out the voucher and needless to say it was awkward. There was no second date!” he said.

Ladies’ Choice

Be careful when picking a first date movie, advises 10 daily News Reporter Katherine Kalk.

“One of the very first dates I went on with my partner, Chris, was to see the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was my pick. But when the scene where she hog-ties a guy and rapes him with a dildo came on, Chris leaned over and said to me, 'what kind of films are you into?! ' Awkward.”

First dates should never be treated like a cooking show audition. Image: Getty.
My Name is Kelly!

"I used to work in a news room with three different women with the same name," Kelly recalls.

"There was me, there was a Kelli and a Kellie. A man I met rang me and asked me out … I was dead excited. But the moment we met it all went to hell. I just knew he wasn’t expecting me at all. He thought he’d asked out Kelli … or possibly Kellie … but absolutely not Kelly!

Rantin’ and Ravin’

But wait… there’s more from Alex!

“So I was meant to meet up with this guy I'd met on Tinder, but about an hour beforehand, I texted him to say I wasn't comfortable meeting him and apologised. He immediately replied with a barrage of intense messages, including, ‘Why aren't you meeting me?’ And, ‘Why have you wasted my time?’ Ah yes, the greatest catches are the ones who verbally abuse you, right?”

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This story was first published on May 14, 2018.