Are Cindy Crawford And Kaia Gerber Actually The Same Person?

These images seem to indicate the answer is yes.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford was the undisputed queen of the '90s. During that decade her tumble-down curls and tantalising beauty mark were splashed across the cover of every fashion magazine in existence.

Famed for her wholesome grin and womanly curves, mid-western born Cindy wasn't just a hugely-successful model either. She was everywhere and everything. Cindy hosted the MTV series Style, married movie star Richard Gere, landed the coveted Pepsi-girl role and even dabbled in film. Bottom line -- the raven-haired, genetically-blessed Cindy ruled the world.

The ever amazing Cindy Crawford back in the day. Image: Instagram/@Cindycrawford.

Fast forward 30 years and life is somewhat different. Cindy is now a grown-up 52. She's married to Rande Gerber (she and Gere fizzled in 1995 just four years after they wed) with whom she has two teenage children, a son and a daughter.

That son is Presley, 18. Cindy's daughter is 16-year-old Kaia. We know Presley is Cindy's son because she tells us so. And we know Kaia's her daughter because the two are so very much alike they're virtually indistinguishable. Indeed, some have suggested they are indeed one and the same. You know what we're saying -- they're actually the same person.

Kaia Gerber. Or is it Cindy? It's Kaia ... but it's damn hard to tell. Image: Instagram/@Kaiagerber.

To that we're going to have to say a firm no. Kaia does actually exist. But heck, she sure looks like her famous mama. And it would seem her famous mama thinks so too.

Cindy recently shared an image of herself as a high school student. The black and white snap was of a teenage Cindy smiling out from the pages of her high school year book. Next to the image of herself Cindy shared a pic of Kaia from her own high school year book. And well, let's just say this ... the likeness is striking.

Kaia on the left and supermodel mama Cindy on the right -- supposedly. Image: Instagram/@Cindycrawford.

The only difference we can see is that Cindy has that famed beauty spot whereas Kaia does not. Otherwise, same same same no? Perhaps those folk who insist they're the same woman are onto something?

We'll leave that to you to decide.

White shirt and denim. It's Kaia everybody. Image: Instagram/@Kaiagerber.

Who's this in a white shirt paired with denim cut-offs? It's Kaia G wearing the uniform of the off-duty model. And just for fun, here's a snap of her model royalty mama Cindy C.

Well, well, well ... it's the incredible Cindy. Image: Instagram/@Cindycrawford.