Did The Royal Family Just Accidentally Leak The Name of Will And Kate's New Baby?

The internet says yes

Kensington Palace is expected to release the name of Prince William and Kate Middleton's newborn baby within hours but the powers that be may have accidentally let the name slip.

The story goes like this. The royal family has its own website and within that site each family member has his or her own web page. These personal pages can be accessed by typing in the names or titles after the main site's URL.

For example, the Queen's personal page is If you want to find out what Prince Harry has been up to of late, you simply type in his name after the URL. Yes, his page is

Meghan and Harry - seriously stylish and madly in love - and all over the official royal family website. Prince Albert, however? Not so much. Image: Getty.

Now, if you type in Prince George, four, or, his sister, Princess Charlotte, two, you get an Access Denied message. Apparently the siblings' pages have been registered but not yet built. And if you type in the name Prince Albert you get the SAME message.

The internet is convinced that this is because the tech-savvy family has already nabbed the domain for the newborn prince whose name will be Albert. Are the punters on the money? Well, we can't say for sure. But we can confirm this.

If you type in other names such as Arthur or James you will not get an Access Denied message, but one that says Page Not Found. Albert has been a popular choice for the name of Kate and Will's third child who was born on April 23 in the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in London.

An undeniable glow and a genuine vibe of happiness. Kate Middleton and baby number three - is his name Albert? Image: Getty.

Bookmakers have the name Albert at odds of 10 to one. Other names are at shorter odds, for example Arthur is at five to one, but then Arthur has no web page. Maybe it's just conjecture - perhaps it's legitimate. We'll leave it to you to ponder. But we will go so far as to say this - Albert is the most adorable name imaginable and as  far as we're concerned, the pick of the bunch.

It's definitely a better choice than William - for reasons we will let this Twitter user below explain. Ahem.