The Real Reason Behind Kate Middleton's Post-Baby Glow

So that's how Kate Middleton does it.

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth on April 23 and within hours she was standing on the front steps of the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital, in London, looking utterly incredible.

Her skin was dewy and fresh, her hair shiny and rich and her eyes sparkling. This was a woman who was brimming with happiness and it was a genuine joy to see.

Welcoming a healthy baby into the world is something close to a miracle and it's easy to understand why Kate was glowing with satisfaction, pride, relief and of course, love. But giving birth is an intense and gruelling process and damn it -- the woman looked like she'd stepped out of a fashion magazine a mere couple of hours later.

An undeniable glow and a genuine vibe of happiness. Kate Middleton and baby number three. Image: Getty.

Yes, she had a team to help her. There was professional hair and makeup for example, but still ... how did she do it?

Turns out that part of the reason is due to the fact that Kate is a fan of a technique known as hypnobirthing. The technique focused on self-hypnosis and visualisation during which mamas-to-be picture their new baby coming into the world with ease.

HypnoBirthing International vice president Vivian Keeler has confirmed that the royal couple used the program for the first two births and was confident that they would have used the technique during the birth of their third child also.

One happy little family -- and one very beautiful mama. Image: Getty.

"Once a hypnobirther always a hypnobirther," Keeler told the Courier Mail. "Once you have learned the techniques you don’t forget them and continue them into subsequent births. I believe that the royal couple had the normal five sessions in a private setting.

“During pregnancy Kate would have learned how to visualise the birth she wanted, she would learn how to breathe the baby down in mother-directed birth and self-hypnosis is practised so the mother knows how to calm herself. When the body is tensed it heightens pain and lengthens the labour.”

Giving birth this way would have added to Kate's incredibly relaxed and beautiful appearance so soon after her third child entered the world. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she is a genuinely striking woman, tall and perfectly featured and with hair so shiny you can pretty much see your face in it.

The other secret? Wearing a pair of sparkling diamond studs with pearls near to her face so that they caught the light and twinkled with just a touch of magic.

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The particular versions that the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing were extra special in that they belong to the Queen. The stunning pearl drop earrings are a favourite of Kate's and she has worn them on several formal occasions.

While they may have different styles, the Duchess of Cambridge is only 36 after all, she and the Queen have very similar taste in jewellery and have shared several pieces.

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The diamond and pearl drop studs are pretty, yet subtle, sweet yet modern too. And as mentioned earlier, they also attract the light giving the wearer a soft, lovely glow. Could be the pearl and diamond combination or maybe it's the sentiment behind the choice. Either way, they look heavenly as does the woman wearing them.