The Incredible Duchess Of Cambridge And Her Babies' First Days

The sweetest images of the royal couple and their offspring.

It's now traditional for royal couples to present their brand new babes to the public within hours of their birth and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have followed that protocol to the letter. The only thing the couple has done somewhat differently to other royal family members is appeared effortlessly chic -- largely due to the undeniable flawlessness of Kate Middleton.

The Duchess, 36, experienced difficult pregnancies thanks to hypremesis gravidarum, a condition which causes severe and prolonged nausea throughout the entire pregnancy, but her births appear to have been relatively simple in comparison.

We know this only because she has appeared on the steps outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in London within hours of welcoming each of her three children. And she's looked positively amazing every time.

Glowing and gorgeous and that hair! Yes, it's Kate Middleton and Prince William presenting baby boy George in 2013. Image: Getty.

The children, Prince George, who was born in 2013, Princess Charlotte, born in 2015, and new baby, Prince Louis, were all photographed in the arms of their proud parents not long after they entered the world.

And on each occasion their mama looked astonishingly lovely. Her face was lit up with what certainly looks like joy and her skin glowing and fresh. Her eyes sparkled and please don't even get us started on her hair.

Fresh and dare we say it -- damn good looking. And again ... HAIR! Image: Getty.

Okay -- that hair. Long and rich and shiny and full of bounce, the Duchess somehow manages to give birth and then hit the hospital steps looking all the world like she's appearing in a shampoo commercial.

Do we begrudge her for it? Not one bit. Kate has never claimed to be a yummy mummy nor looked as though she was striving to be. She has sported a soft belly after all three births and looked all the world like a new mother -- only a very, very beautiful one.

Oh hello there. Who us? Oh we just had a baby. No big deal. And yes -- still gorgeous. Image: Getty.

And how can anyone judge a woman who is glorious not because of professional makeup or hair or even an incredibly cut outfit but thanks to love and joy and all-round happiness? Scroll down to see more pictures that reveal exactly what we mean.

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge presenting daughter Princess Charlotte and looking good while they do it. Image: Getty.

And now there's baby number three -- Prince Louis. He's beautiful, just like his older brother and sister, and also his parents.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge outside The Lindo Wing with their new baby boy, Louis, on April 23, 2018. And looking good while they do it. Image: Getty.

Yes, they're slightly more grown up -- the clock stops for no man (or duchess) but these parents look every bit as beautiful as they did on their first time round. And why not? Three healthy babies born without a hitch. It's a lot to feel beautiful about.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her new baby Louis. Try not to swoon. Image: Getty.