The Right Way To Fold a Fitted Sheet

This simple trick will change everything

Fitted sheets can be tricky. They’re oddly-shaped and seemingly impossible to fold neatly - if at all. But even the most unruly of fitted sheets will behave if treated in the following fashion, organisation expert Peter Walsh.

  1. Turn the sheet inside out, says Walsh. Then, hold it lengthwise so that the longest side of the sheet is parallel to the floor.
  2. Next, grab two corners on one side of the sheet and then fold the first corner inside the second corner. This can be a little tricky so we've supplied some vision to follow - see below.
  3. Slip that corner over a high-backed chair, says Walsh. Then repeat the process with the other corners. It will feel a little tricky the first few times but soon it will be second nature. Promise.
  4. Next grab the third and fourth corners and fold the third one inside the fourth one - just like you did in step two.
  5. You should now have another corner. Place that corner over a second chair. Again - tricky right? But the vision will help.
  6. Next, pick up the corner from the first chair and fold it over the corner that is on top of the second chair. You still with us?
  7. Take that nice-looking sheet (you should have a square shape now) and lay it on a flat surface. Think kitchen bench or table.
  8. Fold that square into thirds and you'll have a snappy-looking rectangle. Now, fold that rectangle into thirds again and you will have a neat and tidy square because you my friend - just folded a fitted sheet.