Five Genius Organising Tips That Will Transform Your Pantry

Plus, save you time and money too

If you're dreaming of a pantry that's organised from top to bottom then we have news and you're going to like it.

Turns out that all it takes to create an Instagram-worthy pantry is a few deceptively simple moves plus a handful of new containers.

"A well-organised pantry can save you time and money," says interior designer James Treble.

"Particularly if it's become a bit of a dumping ground."

One very sweet-looking pantry. Yours could look like this within an hour or two. Seriously. Image: Pinterest/ Jessica Hayter.

Here, James' five-step plan to a pretty pantry.

Tip 1 – The Purge

Roll up your sleeves, pull everything out of the pantry and pop it on the kitchen bench. Bin any expired or sad-looking food, then give your shelves a good wipe down.

Tip 2 – Sort Like With Like

Group the remaining foods into different categories such as spices, condiments and spreads and allocate a specific area where they will live from here on in. Think about convenience.

"Everyday items should always be front and centre," says James.

Tip 3 – Keep It Clear

Clear storage containers make it easy to see what you’ve got and also, how much. If see-through isn’t your thing, use labels to keep track of what’s what. James loves chalkboard stickers as they're reusable.

Tip 4 – Contain The Chaos

An open-topped container is perfect for oils and sauces because you can easily pull the whole thing out when you’re cooking.

Tip 5 – Hang Tight

Make use of dead space with hanging baskets and shelf inserts. Consider racks. They're great for storing bottles.