16 Bingeworthy Shows You Should Check Out During Your Winter Hibernation

As the weather gets cooler it's the perfect excuse to get into your cosiest clothes, rug up under some blankets and refuse to leave the couch for any reason other than to get more snacks and maybe pee occasionally.

If you're anything like us, you're probably always looking for a new series or six to bingewatch over a weekend, a sick day or when you've cancelled plans because you don't want to take your ugg boots off.

Here are 16 shows we've recently been loving. Please, let us know any you think we missed. We need 'em.


Killing Eve

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer in BBC America's 'Killing Eve'. Image: BBC America / ABC iView.

One of the best new releases of the year (take our word for it), Killing Eve is based on the novella series Codename Villanelle. It follows Eve Polastri, a MI5 officer who begins to become entranced by a psychotic assassin. Soon, Eve's work becomes an obsession as the pair become entangled in each other's lives.

Watch it on: ABC iView.


Todd Sampson's Body Hack

Body Hack's Todd Sampson Talks To ten daily

Season two of Todd Sampson's Body Hack sees Todd push his mind and body to the limit once again, going from warzones to the Amazon. The intrepid host aims to uncover extraordinary people living in extraordinary circumstances.

Watch it on: tenplay.



Its fourth season dropped in full on Stan this week, so you now have a whole lot of unhinged TV to watch with UnREAL. Fans of The Bachelor and Bachelorette will love this fictional dating TV show "Everlasting" and it follows the utterly deranged cast and crew who make TV magic happen.

Watch it on: Stan.


Luke Cage

Image: Netflix

Sure, every second movie hitting cinemas recently may be about superheroes, but some of us just can't get enough. If you're missing your super-fix and haven't yet latched onto Netflix's Marvel series, Luke Cage just released a brilliant second season.

Watch it on: Netflix.


The Crown

After public backlash the producers of 'The Crown' were forced to apologise to the stars, while Foy received back pay for her work in the Netflix series. Image: Netflix.

It's not every sumptuous, opulent, slow-paced drama that'll have you whispering "Yaasss Queen" from under your Dorito-crumb covered blankets, but The Crown will have you converted into a reluctant monarchist in no time.

Based on the real events of Queen Elizabeth II from her crowning, the show takes a look behind the palace doors at the drama of the Royal family.

Watch it on: Netflix.


Wolf Creek

Image: Stan

He's one of the most terrifying and enduring figures of Aussie cinema, if not horror movies worldwide: Mick Taylor. The man from Wolf Creek is back. Stan's original series of the same name sees John Jarrett reprising the iconic role as he gets up to his usual antics of... you know... brutal outback murders.

The two seasons embrace what made the Wolf Creek films so terrifying, as well as lovingly capturing the beauty of the Aussie outback.

Watch it on: Stan.


Star Trek: Discovery

Image: Netflix

If you've never watched a Star Trek series before but are looking to dip your toe into the new series, have no fear! Discovery is a prequel, meaning you can dive in without knowing too much about the wider universe. That being said, the series -- which has some great surprises and twists scattered throughout after the first few episodes -- does have some hints and nods to elements of Star Trek lore for you to live long and prosper from.

Watch it on: Netflix.


Big Mouth

Image: Netflix

Look. Sometimes you just need to kick back, relax and watch an utterly filthy cartoon series about some 7th graders going through their terrifying pre-pubescent years.

From the mind of comedian Nick Kroll and his childhood BFF Andrew Goldberg, the pair based the series on their own youths which... is terrifying if you've seen any of the hysterical, truly perverse series.

Watch it on: Netflix.



Image: Netflix

Based on the actual rise of the professional women's wrestling circuit in the '80s, otherwise known as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (aka GLOW), the Netflix series just launched its second season and it's worth a watch.

The series is funny, poignant and overall a total knockout -- the only issue is it'll leave you wanting more.

Watch it on: Netflix.


The Staircase

Image: Netflix

So far we've covered a few comedies, a handful of dramas but what if you're looking for something equally salacious, but totally real? Enter one of Netflix's many docuseries.

The Staircase follows the trial of Michael Peterson, the author who in 2003 was convicted of murdering his second wife, Kathleen. Like Wild, Wild Country and Evil Genius, the Staircase manages to capture viewers in a web of mysteries that'll have you thinking you're a professional detective.

Watch it on: Netflix.



Image: HBO

HBO can't stop churning out the hits, with Game of Thrones still reining as the King of TV, the network's other buzz-worthy series Westworld just wrapped its second season and it was a doozy.

Set in a theme park full of realistic android "hosts", Westworld takes you into a world where humans can live out their wild west fantasies... that is, until the hosts begin to figure out that their reality may no be what it seems. It's one of those rewarding shows that'll force you to put your phone down for a few hours -- blink and you might just miss something.

Watch it on: Foxtel Now.


The Handmaid's Tale

Distract yourself from the horribly depressing news by jumping into a series that examines what life would be like if things got REALLY bad. Yep, The Handmaid's Tale is one of those incredible series that'll have you reaching for the closest bottle of wine as you follow June, aka Offred, in her life as a "Handmaid".

Set in a dystopian near future, America has been hit with some kind of infertility, leading to the rise of a totalitarian regime that forces the few remaining fertile women to serve as child-bearing hosts for an upper-class. It's brutal, depressing and really, really good TV.

Watch it on: SBS On Demand.



You're probably pulling your hair out wondering why we keep recommending super heavy dramas and for that we're sorry so please, accept the following as an apology: Younger is like the TV equivalent of a hug from a mimosa.

In its fifth season the comedy-drama follows Liza Miller, a 40-year-old mum who can't seem to get back into the publishing industry... until she gets mistaken for a 26-year-old. Liza has to then juggle her real life and her new much younger identity which proves difficult when she starts dating a tattoo artist her age... er, her... fake age that is. See? It's tricky.

Watch it on: Stan.



Image: HBO

You know him from Saturday Night Live but you've probably never seen Bill Hader in a role like in Barry.  Hader stars in the titular role as a hitman who, during a job, stumbles into an acting class. His chance encounter sparks a love of the stage, and soon the hitman is attempting to juggle a life of living in the shadows, and one on the stage.

Watch it on: Foxtel Now.



From one hitman to another: If you're looking for something a little darker, Happy! is probably for you. The series stars Christopher Meloni as a disgraced police detective turned hitman who, after suffering a heart attack is visited by an animated, flying unicorn named Happy.

Has he gone insane, or -- if Happy is to be believed -- has he been chosen to help find a kidnapped girl? The series is violent, twisted and truly bizarre, but a world of fun.

Watch it on: Netflix.


Sharp Objects

One last drama -- because who doesn't love curling up and getting lost in a twisty mystery? Amy Adams stars in Sharp Objects, from the director of Big Little Lies, as a woman returning to her small town to investigate the murder of two young girls.

It's already igniting social media, and is the talk of the town, so you should probably get onto it ASAP.

Watch it on: Foxtel Now.

Featured image: HBO / TV LAND via Stan.