ICYMI: The Best Bits From The Logies That You Didn't See

It's Aussie TV's night of nights -- not to mention the longest. So in case you missed it or fell asleep waiting for Grant Denyer to finally win a gong (make that two!) --  here are some of the best and most hilarious bits from the TV Week Logie Awards.

You're welcome.


Joel Creasey's LOL Commentary Of The Night

Honestly, can someone just hand him the voice-over microphone?

Nothing says Logies quite like someone's shredding commentary on Twitter.


Our hero.

Okay but run for your life maybe, Joel?

Don't worry Joel, there's probably an STI home test kit in your gift bag.

Charlie's Angels reboot please and THANK YOU.

Check out some of our other favourite tweets of the night!


The Living Room Winning The Best Lifestyle Program

Family is forever and we're crying too

It's no secret that the The Living Room team are a tight crew here at Network Ten HQ and when they took to the stage to accept their FOURTH Logie in as many years, it was a truly touching moment.

"Whilst this award is truly special, the biggest reward for us is having Barry DuBois with us tonight," said Dr Chris Brown as he accepted the award with his co-hosts Amanda Keller, Barry DuBois and Miguel Maestre.

Barry has faced an incredible fight over the last year and as Amanda Keller put it:

"To have the four of us up here, holding hands, we didn't know last year if we'd have this."

The Living Room Wins Most Popular Lifestyle Program And We Are All Feeling The Love

Congratulations guys, extremely well-deserved.



Amanda Keller Saying She's Ready To Skank It Up At The After Party

Mama's ready to PARTY

Nobody works harder in this business than one Ms Amanda Keller, so when an awards night that's famed for getting as loose as the Logies swings around, it's time for you to let loose and party like you don't have to wake up at 2:30am to host your morning radio show.

On the red carpet, we got a little sneak peek at what Keller's after-party plans are and... can we come?

Watch what happened:

Logies 2018: Amanda Keller Is Ready To Let Loose If She Wins Gold


Osher Günsberg Giving Us His Best "Graveyard" Face

"I've been breaking hearts and crushing dreams on reality TV for 15 years"

He may play cupid on The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bach in Paradise, but Osh is no stranger to breaking hearts, so he's also got that "I'm so sorry, but you've just been shafted" face down... and we LOVE HIM for it.

Logies 2018: Osher Gunsberg Shows Us His Best 'Graveyard Face'


When Celia Ireland REALLY Didn't Think Wentworth Would Win


After a knockout performance from JMo herself, we didn't think anything could top it until it was time to announce the winner of Most Popular Drama Program.

Here's what happened when JMo said "Wentworth" on stage.

Celia Ireland, you win ALL THE LOGIES.



Wilmer Valderrama Sitting Next To Lisa Wilkinson

Fez has nailed his "I Don't Know What I'm Doing" face

There's nothing we love more than the international guests brought in each year to try and make the Logies feel just slightly more relevant than they think they are.

2018: your sacrificial lamb is Wilmer Valderrama, and to his credit, he's the most interesting star we've had in recent years.

After some expert clapping and nodding during Hughesy's intro, smiling as he ripped into Lisa who he was sitting next to, and a cracking performance next to Osh to present Most Popular Entertainment Program, we are just a little bit more in love with Wilmer today than we were yesterday!




Grant Denyer After He Won His First Logie For Best Presenter

After 22 noms, it's finally time for Denyer!

His show Family Feud may have wrapped up but presenter Grant Denyer is just that good he can win a Logie anyway and his reaction was so pure.

We caught up with Grant backstage to have a quick chat about what this win means to him and we're pretty sure you'll be seeing him with a Logie on the bonnet of his car soon.

Logies 2018: Longest Losing Streak In Logies History Is Over!




Grant Denyer when he WON THE BLOODY GOLD LOGIE.

Has anyone checked on Tom Gleeson?

As if taking home his first EVER Logie after 22 noms wasn't enough, Grant Denyer wasn't just gonna take a dip in the Logies' pool, he bombed pants-on from a cliff and made the biggest splash you've ever seen.

After the biggest underdog comeback campaign in Logies history, thanks to a fellow game show host, some snazzy buttons and a good hashtag, Denyer was back in the race and came from behind to snag the gold.

And my god, his speech had us SOBBING. 

It wasn't just Grant who was over the moon, though. Tom had one hell of a reaction when Grant's name was called!

Congratulations Grant (and Tom Gleeson).