Fans Are Discovering Homer Simpson's Real Age And Can't Handle How Great He Looks

What is his secret?

Homer Simpson celebrated his birthday this week and thanks to an Easter egg from Season 4 -- fans are discovering just how old he turned.

In the episode "Duffless" where Homer fails a breathalyser test after visiting the Duff brewery, we got a brief glimpse of his driver's license.

Not only does the document list Homer's birthday as May 12, but it also shows that he was born in 1956 meaning this year he turned 64 years old. And fans are freaking out about how great he looks.

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Still looking exactly like he did in his mid-30s, Homer has been rocking the same look for all these years, seeming to defy the aging process completely.

Safe to say, fans couldn't believe it.

While some outlets are claiming that Homer has remained 33 since the show first aired in 1989, however later in Season 4 and the episode "Lisa the Beauty Queen" Homer revealed he was 36.

During the ep a 'Guess your age and weight' booth guesses he's 53-years-old, with Homer laughing off the suggestion and revealing he's actually 36, which matches up with the aging process of real-time.

The series has once again been met with claims that is has predicted the future after a swarm of "murder hornets" popped up in the US recently as well as predicting the coronavirus and Tom Hanks contracting the virus.



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Despite fans thinking the show has prophesied some of 2020's major events, the show's executive producer Bill Oakley hit back at the claims, calling photoshopped images of a 1993 episode "gross".

Even after all these years, the show continues to make headlines but Homer remains a youthful inspiration to many of us, thriving!

Drop the skincare routine Homer!!!

Featured image: Fox.