The Biggest Twist This Week On MasterChef? Reece's Mind-Blowing Mango Peeling Hack

It's been affectionately labelled Twists Week but the last few days have plated up nothing but torture on MasterChef: Back To Win.

We've seen a service challenge where the teams had to swap benches mid cook, and a horrifying Pressure Test where the instructions to create one of Darren Purchese's works of dessert art were ripped away from the contestants.

And even though tonight's Mystery Box seemed to contain some pretty useful ingredients, the chilling process of waiting for the twists to drop had everyone on edge.

But amidst the anxiety, Reece gave us a few joyful moments as he worked through his Mystery Box cook, explaining that he was going to cook some Scampi on the Hibachi (but improve on his experience in Jock's Pressure Test) and also create a sort of mango gazpacho.

What is this magic? Image: Network 10.

While chatting to his bench mate Jess about what the next twist might be, he did something so simple, without drawing attention to it that blew many MasterChef viewers' minds.

He peeled a mango cheek using just a glass tumbler!

The camera work tricked a few people into thinking it was actually Tessa working the mango magic but, no-one seemed to mind who was pulling off the trick and were more excited to try the hack out for themselves.

A quick Google search told us that this trick has been around for ages on the internet -- but as any good cook will tell you, there's always something new to learn in the kitchen.

Now excuse us as we order several mangoes online.

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