'Literally Like A Goddess': Katy Perry Enters The MasterChef Kitchen, Reece Freaks Out

It's been a tough week for the MasterChef contestants, facing twist after twist, but a certain special guest sees them facing a whopper of a task.

Sure, cooking for the judges is one thing but adding a major celeb into the mix is a whole new experience, just ask Reece.

Her song "Hot N Cold" has been part of the MasterChef Australia DNA from the very beginning of the show, and for the first time Katy Perry is kicking down the doors of the kitchen and seeing what's for lunch.

Barely managing a "Shit," Reece clearly was losing his cool standing in front of the "Firework" singer.



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The MasterChef: Back To Win kitchen is about to welcome the woman whose voice introduces every single episode of the show.

'Literally Like A Goddess': Katy Perry Enters The MasterChef Kitchen
Photo: Network 10.

In a preview of tonight's episode Reece can be seen struggling to maintain his calm demeanour as Katy strolled through the kitchens quizzing the chefs on what they're cooking.



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Katy Perry is about to burst through the doors of the MasterChef kitchen for twists week.

Thankfully the crowned prince of cakes got Katy onside when he told her he was in the process of making her a classic rum baba, a yeast cake often made with rum (hence the name), dried fruits and soaked in a syrup. More like YUM baba.

This isn't the first time a special guest has caused Reece to become a little excited. Back in his original Season 10, Reece was overwhelmed when one of his culinary icons, Nigella Lawson, walked into the kitchen.



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Check out the preview of tonight's episode in the video above to see Katy's very relatable response to hearing she's going to be eating cake.

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