We Matched MasterChef Contestants To Katy Perry Songs

Katy Perry is about to burst through the doors of the MasterChef kitchen for twists week.

She's been singing the theme tune for 12 seasons and now, for the first time on MasterChef Australia, Katy Perry's voice will actually be heard from inside the kitchen. To round out Twists Week, Katy will be strolling in to meet the chefs and taste some of their culinary creations.

It's a big week for Katy who will not only appear in the show but will also be releasing her latest single "Daisies" on Friday. So we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and match some of her greatest hits with some of the Back To Win contestants.



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Simon Toohey - "Roar"

This one was easy for several reasons: Despite Back To Win ramping up the pressure in every cook, the king of the veggies has an unflappable knack of always keeping a smile on his dial, Roar-ing with laughter despite the many twists the judges throw at him.

Also, even though he's mad for a Hibachi, veggies can also be eaten.... roar. Get it?

Emelia Jackson - "Bon Appétit" ft. Migos

There's a subtle subtext in Bon Appétit which suggests it isn't about food at all -- which we are clearly ignoring here. Throughout the competition Emelia continues to establish herself as the master of fine French classics like Feuilletine, mille-feuille and DON'T FORGET ABOUT HER CHOUX BUNS.

Jess Liemantara - "Dark Horse"



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Jess Liemantara has claimed immunity from Sunday night’s elimination, even though it took her a while to process her victory.

Jess was just 19 when she first walked into the MasterChef kitchen in Season 10. Just a few years later and the dessert queen has been plating up some incredibly technical and stunningly beautiful desserts wowing the judges.

Also during Twists Week's heartbreaking pav pressure test, Jess not only smashed through Darren Purchese's recipe but she also made time to help out her fellow chefs offering them help once the recipe was taken away. Just like Katy sings, Jess is "capable of anything / of everything and anything" and she could just be the Dark Horse of Back to Win.

Hayden Quinn - "One Of The Boys"



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It was the takeaway food challenge that we've spent months in isolation life preparing for.

Look, this one is more about the title of the song than the actual lyrics (though we're not saying Haydo doesn't want to be our homecoming queen), but we're pretty sure the secret ingredient to a lot of Hayden's cooking is a fresh shaka thrown right before serving.

Laura Sharrad - "Teenage Dream"

Much like Jess, Laura was just 19-years-old when she first competed in Season 6, making it all the way to the finale. Not only that but after working for Jock for a few years at his restaurant Orana -- being back in the MasterChef kitchen and cooking for Jock must make Laura feel like she's living a teenage dream.

Poh Ling Yeow - "Hot N Cold"



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We've seen plenty of twists before on MasterChef Australia -- but nothing could have prepared the contestants for the culinary curve balls they had thrown at them during Monday night's team challenge.

The very first runner-up of the very first season came back to MasterChef with something to prove. So far she's been nicknamed the Poh-ller coaster because of her ability to push things to the wire in most cooks, giving us at home anxiety attacks when she's taking cakes out of the oven with just seconds left on the clock.

Much like the song, Poh's often up then she's down in a matter of minutes, yes then she's no, in then she's out.

Just like Katy sings in the iconic theme that's been part of the show's DNA since Poh first arrived on the scene in Season 1: "Someone call the doctor / got a case of a love bi-polar / stuck on a Poh-ller coaster / Can't get off this ride".

Sarah Tiong - "Fingerprints"

As Sarah herself said in week one: This is MasterChef Season 12.

You can't have fingerprints all over a plate!

Khanh Ong - "Firework"

Much like Simon, even under the greatest amounts of pressure Khanh still manages to keep a smile on his dial throughout even the most hectic of challenges, not to mention the all-caps FASHION he is bringing to the gantry this season.

On top of that, Khanh knows his flavours and he loves serving the judges dishes that are the culinary equivalent to a firework display in your mouth.



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Reynold - "This Is How We Do"

Though we debated Reynold's song being Katy's "Never Worn White" after his very first dish of the season was one he named White Noise, ultimately we had to pick a track that summed up his demeanour in the kitchen.

From the get-go, Reynold has been a pillar of calm, quiet confidence plating up perfectly executed dishes challenge after challenge. Though he's famous for his sweets, coming back to MasterChef, Reynold wanted to flex his savoury chops, and has shown range and finesse throughout the competition so far.

Even in the pav pressure test Reynold was disappointed in his performance, despite plating up a near-perfect replica of Darren Purchese's dish. THIS is how we do in Back to Win baby.



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Poh's hectic chiffon cake - "Rise"

Image: Network 10.

"This is no mistake, no accident When you think the final nail is in Think again Don’t be surprised I will still rise"

(That cake still gives us anxiety.)

MasterChef: Back To Win Airs Sunday-Thursday at 7.30 pm. Only On 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.