The Psychologist In The Secrets She Keeps Has A Darker Past Than Any Of The Other Characters

We're about to get a bit more insight into the mind of Dr Cyrus Haven.

Cyrus is the deep-thinking, empathetic psychologist who has joined the police investigation to find the woman who has snatched Meghan Shaughnessy's newborn baby on the gripping new series, The Secrets She Keeps. 

While we've been introduced to the two female leads' (Agatha and Meghan) most intimate secrets, the chilling history of Cyrus isn't mentioned during the production.

But the backstory, described in Michael Robotham's book of the same name, has given actor Hazem Shammas a powerful foundation to build his performance of the complex character around.



The Terrifying True Story That Inspired The Secrets She Keeps

The gripping drama has viewers hooked, but the inspiration for the story isn't that far from the truth.

"I went into the show having read a whole bunch about familicide, which is Cyrus Haven's background -- his whole family was murdered by his brother when he was in Year 12," Hazem told 10 daily over the phone.

"When the story broke, he was dubbed, 'The loneliest boy alive' and that kind of information to take into this adult character who is working with the police on this particular case, there's a real empathy not just for victims but for perpetrators," Hazem said.

Cyrus visits Meghan's hospital room to gain information into the abduction of her baby. Image: Network 10.

And then I kind of, I really love this idea that there's this character, this psychologist who works on these cases and his super power, if I'm allowed to say that, is extreme empathy for all involved. From that he finds these lies and secrets and weaknesses of the real humans that he's involved with and that's what makes him the best in terms of the investigation.

While the story of Cyrus' family won't be breached on The Secrets She Keeps, we're about to get some an insider's view into how the psychologist works.

Cyrus is front and centre in the new spinoff webseries, Uncovering Secrets which will be live online at 9.30 pm, following the broadcast of the lastest Secrets She Keeps episode.



'It Really Is Like A Pressure Cooker': Michael Dorman On The Tension And Release Of The Secrets She Keeps

When Michael Dorman first read the script for The Secrets She Keeps, he hesitated for just a moment.

The series is set inside Cyrus' home office and, coincidentally, feels like a project that was filmed during these coronavirus quarantine times.

"We did that last July, it was towards the end of the actual series shoot," Hazem told 10 daily.

"Testament to the kind of skill and craft of the web series creators, we got in the studio and set up an isolated little corner that may look like Cyrus Haven’s home study," he added.

Image: Network 10.

Hazem said that the opportunity to delve deeper into the character was "really lovely".

"There’s a real intrigue into him so that the web series is a great little spinoff, a great opportunity to take us in his private life, his private world - as much as we could."

Viewers of Uncovering Secrets will feel as if they're in the same corner of the room as Cyrus as he works through the case from home, piecing together, evidence, intuition and his knack for empathy to find the missing baby.

"It was a series of inner monologues and it works with Cyrus because I kind of felt like he probably talks less and listens and watches the most but his inner monologue would be constantly working.

"He can kind of step into the perpetrator’s shoes, understand her pain and why she’s done it and the web series lets us in to those processes and how he is trying to second guess what she’s going to do next."

The Secrets She Keeps airs on Wednesdays at 8. 45 pm on 10, 10 Play And WIN Network and the first episode of Uncovering Secrets will be live on 10 Play following tonight's episode at 9.30 pm.