'I Have So Many Questions': The Unexpected, Awkward Noises That Erupted During This Lisa McCune Interview

Lisa McCune is one of Australia's most beloved actors of stage and screen, currently starring alongside Peter Helliar on 'How To Stay Married'.

But when McCune stopped by The Project (via video link, of course) to talk about her role as Em Butler on the show's second season, there were a few unusual noises getting picked up on her mic.

McCune looked around in shock as a high-pitched, squelchy fart noise let rip -- a sound that is always comedy gold, but luckily, Helliar quickly twigged to the source of the stinky sound effect.

"McCune! Do you have your...? This is what happened when we were filming that scene, Lisa McCune found an app... she's doing her own farts.

"I had to stop you eventually, because I couldn't get through the scene," Helliar said.

The face of a woman whose favourite app makes fart noises. Image: Network 10.

The scene in question was a pivotal flashback featured in tonight's episode of How To Stay Married where Pete's character Greg proposes to Em from the other side of a bathroom door in a dingy pub.

Recovering from her farty entrance, Lisa composed herself to say: " Hello, Carrie, it's very nice to be here to talk about Pete's show, and sorry, what was your first question?"

Luckily, after a few somewhat serious questions about How To Stay Married, bikini lines, and whether she prefers her own kids or her TV kids, Lisa gave us a few more toots from her app as she said farewell to The Project Panel. 

You can catch Lisa and her artful fart noises on How To Stay Married tonight at 8.45 pm on 10, following MasterChef: Back To Win. 

Main Image: Network 10.