Pretend You're Totally Not Working From Bed With 10's Custom Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

More and more people are using Zoom -- the popular video chat and teleconferencing app -- to communicate with co-workers or stay in touch with family.

But let's be real -- no one likes looking at the same cluttered home office or your dishevelled doona as a result of waking up five minutes before your video meeting.

Instead, Zoom users have been spicing up their conference calls with virtual backgrounds, which basically swaps out the real-life background with a video or image -- no green screen required.



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Whether you you want to pretend you're phoning it in from Ron Swanson's desk on Parks and Rec, Jerry Seinfeld's apartment from Seinfeld or sitting on The Simpsons' couch, you can pretty guarantee there's a virtual background for it -- and now, your favourite 10 shows have jumped on-board.

You can pretend you're queen of news Sandra Sully herself with the Ten News First background, vote your colleagues off the virtual island with the Survivor tribal council background or even pretend your Toadfish's long lost cousin with the Neighbours Rebecchi household background.

That's only some up for offer, and the possibilities are really quite endless.

There's even the infamous couch from the Friends intro to download. Image: 10

How choose your next meeting background:

1. Choose and download your background from the pics or Twitter posts below.

2. Log into Zoom.

3. Make sure your video is on in either a lobby or a meeting.

4. Click the up arrow next to the Stop Video button, located on the bottom bar.

5. Select Choose Virtual Background.

6. Click the small plus button on the right side to upload your chosen background.

And voila!

Featured image: Getty Images / Network 10