If The MasterChef Contestants Have Done Their Homework, This Is What They Should Cook For Katy Perry

The MasterChef: Back To Win kitchen is about to welcome the woman whose voice introduces every single episode of the show.

Though we're still not exactly sure how Katy Perry's 2009 banger "Hot N Cold" ended up as the culinary competition's theme song, the tune has since become synonymous with MasterChef Australia.

So it was only fitting that, when Katy was in town earlier this year for the Women's Cricket World Cup, she stopped by the kitchen to completely freak the contestants out during Twist Week.

While there's no way the cooks could have known that the pop superstar would be stepping in as a guest judge later this week, we did a little snooping to find out what kind of dishes (both hot and cold) Katy would light up (like a firework) for if she was presented with.

A Mystery Box Of The Food She's Been Craving While Pregnant

While Katy spent some of her pregnancy in Australia, she's now riding out the rest of her time until baby Perry Bloom's birth in isolation -- a state of living that has left most of us in a perpetual snack zone.

Katy has mentioned plenty of her favourites in various nooks of the internet, giving us an important insight to the flavours she'll appreciate most this week on MasterChef: Back To Win. 

During a recent livestream with Benny Blanco for DoorDash, Katy said there are a few supermarket favourites she's never in short supply of.

"Trust and believe I have stocked up on pickles," she said, before naming her favourite gourmet meal at the moment.

“My number one craving is avocado toast with tabasco. I’ve never been into spicy foods in my life but [they] light my mouth up right now.”

A Good Old Fashioned Cherry Pie

Before Katy released her single "Bon Appetit" ft. Migos from her 2017 record Witness, she presented fans with a delicious recipe, and a mysterious challenge.

"Bake me a pie and you might get a surprise," she tweeted that year, along with a recipe for a seriously tasty cherry pie with a golden crust and a juicy fruit filling.

While plenty of smartarse fans used it as an opportunity to pressure Katy for a release date on her new music, she dropped"Bon Appetit" not long afterwards and even filmed a video for Tasty making her famous cherry pie.

If any of our pastry fiends on MasterChef (Emelia? Jess? Reece?) decide to create a good ol' fashioned cherry pie this week -- Katy's going to be pleased (as pie).

Any Of The Food Costumes She's Worn Over The Years

Katy Perry loves any excuse to dress up and her costumes often give us a few clues about her favourite meals.

We've seen her dress as a full-figured hamburger at the 2019 Met Gala and in Taylor Swift's video clip for "You Need To Calm Down" so she'd probably be pretty chuffed if a MasterChef contestant threw a patty on the hibachi for her.

Katy's also dressed up as a Cheeto for Halloween, worn a cinema popcorn dress in 2012 and taken the stage with a peppermint bra during her California Dreams tour.

It's not a Mystery Box many foodies would want to work with but for Katy Perry, the contestants could definitely work some magic with Cheetos dust.

Some Very Fancy Sushi

Okay so this one would not actually be ideal because raw fish is generally a delicacy that pregnant women are told to steer clear of but pre-pregnancy Katy apparently loves herself some sushi.

She even visited the famed Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo, the tiny restaurant featured on Jiro Dreams Of Sushi so we're guessing that, even if she couldn't partake, she'd definitely appreciate the craftsmanship if someone plated up some abalone, bonito or uni just like Jiro's.

A Handful Of Ritz Crackers

When the clock is running down and you've burnt your showstopper or the blast chiller hasn't worked its magic on your dessert -- sometimes you've just got to compromise and get creative.

According to Katy's American Idol colleague Luke Bryan, the pop star was a big fan of having the buttery biscuits on-hand at all times.

“Katy keeps snacks stashed,” he said, “You know the little Ritz with the cheese?” he added. “Katy’s going to be so mad at me when this gets back.”

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