'The First Circle Of Hell': The Best Twitter Reacts To The MasterChef Sushi Train Challenge

Amina, Emelia and Tracy just had to get past one teensy hurdle to make sure they were safe from Sunday's elimination.

After arriving in the Melbourne suburb of Windsor the trio who topped the previous day's challenge found out that all they'd have to do was create five Asian-inspired dishes at a sushi train restaurant.

The only catch was, they'd have to make 20 portions of each bar snack they made, for a total of 100 dishes each which, frankly seemed a little excessive considering they were catering for their fellow contestants and the three judges.

But rather than worries about over-eating, viewers were more concerned that the contestants who weren't in the kitchen would be sitting at the bar, without so much as a cold beer or a glass of water for 2.5 hours.

Tracy, Emelia and Amina opted to serve up some Thai and Korean dishes among their 300 plates, but the mere sight of that sushi train chugging around had viewers craving a simple visit to their local Japanese restaurant.

And some Twitter users were absolutely desperate for a night out at a restaurant, away from the demanding diners occupying their dining tables.

The trio of immunity hopefuls had to squish themselves into the small restaurant's kitchen -- together with a TV camera crew -- yet they managed to keep up what has been the most joyously buoyant, supportive vibe going.

But while viewers co-signed the high levels of ~vibes~ there were a few kitchen bugbears they couldn't get their heads around, namely Emelia's habit of pronouncing the Japanese chicken dish 'karaage' differently each time she mentioned it.

On the other side of the sushi train window, Melissa wasn't going to let Jock and Andy get away with butchering the pronunciation of Amina's speedy kimchi, geotjeori.

And it wasn't just Amina's geotjeori that was the star of the show, with fans digging the peek at the cook's family table filled with the food of her dad's Egyptian, and her mum's Korean heritage.

Drawing on her Korean heritage, Amina impressed the judges (who blind tasted all the dishes) and scored herself immunity from Sunday's elimination, even though her victory took a few moments to sink in.

Congrats, Amina!

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