The Epic Virtual Festival You'll Want To Tell Your 'Mayeights' About

This week has already blessed us with Star Wars Day (May 4th) but today marks a day that's all about checking in with your mates.

Because it's May 8! Get it?

While Movember, the largest men's health charity in the world, puts on special Mayeight events every year, this time things will run a little differently, although the celebration will be more important than ever.

As the coronavirus pandemic has caused us to practice social distancing and self-isolation. the gang at Movember want to make sure that blokes are still checking in with each other and taking care of their own mental health.



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So while we might not be able to attend festivals with friends and get all sweaty in a moshpit, the Mayeight festivities tomorrow are going to offer up the next best thing.

Kicking off at 7pm on Facebook live, the online festival features a lineup of music, comedy and some very creative physical activities including Zoomba with Alex Dyson and a yoga session with Ryan Mannix.

There will also be sets from comedians Sam Simmons, Harley Breen and Michael Shafar plus live music and DJ sets via Hockey Dad, Bag Raiders and The Aston Shuffle.

Movember's Global Director of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Brendan Maher said in a statement that COVID-19 has increased risk factors that impact the mental health and wellbeing of men.

“Social isolation, coupled with a spike in unemployment, financial distress and relationship difficulties creates a concerning set of risk factors for men," Maher said. "This is why we are hearing so much about the potential impact COVID-19 can have on our mental health and wellbeing.

“Statistics reliably show that men have fewer close friends than women and that these numbers continue to drop as men age, but this doesn’t mean that younger men have it any easier.

Right now, there’s a pretty good chance you have a mate feeling lonely or isolated that isn’t letting on he’s struggling.

Maher added that initiatives like Mayeight are a reminder of the "importance of strong support networks" that can help men through difficult times.

So, tell all your m8s, mates and mayeights to meet you online tomorrow at 7pm (AEST) and head along to the Movember Australia's Facebook live feed.

If you need help in a crisis, support can be found at Lifeline: (13 11 14 and

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