The Terrifying True Story That Inspired The Secrets She Keeps

The gripping drama has viewers hooked, but the inspiration for the story isn't that far from the truth.

Based on a novel by the same name written by Michael Robotham, the author sat down with producer Helen Bowden and stars Jessica De Gouw, Laura Carmichael and Ryan Corr during a Facebook Live Q&A.

During the chat, Michael revealed what had originally inspired him to write the novel.

"I was working as a journalist in London when a baby called Abbie Humphries was stolen from a hospital in Nottingham," he said.

In 1994, just three hours after she was born, Abbie was snatched from Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre by a 22-year-old former dental nurse.

Disguised as a nurse working in the hospital, the woman asked Abbie's father to hand her over for a hearing test-- which he obliged -- she then walked out of the hospital, leaving the family in a state of despair.



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The cast of The Secrets She Keeps in a Facebook Live Q&A. Photo: Facebook.

Held captive for 17 days, the police searched for Abbie -- even reportedly visiting the house she was being kept multiple times during the search.

The story captured the UK with Princess Diana sending the Humphries family a message as they waited to hear of any news during the search. Eventually reunited, the woman who abducted the infant was sentenced to probation.

During her trial the woman revealed she had been recently dumped by her then boyfriend. In an effort to win him back, she told him she was pregnant. Moving into his home where he lived with his mother, the pair began turning a bedroom into a nursery for their child.

"[She] had convinced her boyfriend that she was pregnant and obviously a certain period of time goes by and she either has to produce a baby... or she has to admit that she's been lying."



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Megan and Jack in their picture perfect home. Image: Network 10.

Though the woman in the Humphries saga did not know the family before she abducted their infant, Michael took that "seed" of an idea and began to craft The Secrets She Keeps.

"I suddenly realised that the way to potentially tell the story wasn't about a random child being taken. Rather than stealing a random baby, what if she actually chose the baby she wanted to take?

"What if she identified a woman that she thought had a perfect life and already had a couple of kids and -- in her mind -- was almost greedy wanting a third. What if she took that woman's baby?"

The author then began to craft a web of secrets and lies that his characters had woven, leading us to the novel -- and now the TV adaptation.

You can hear more from the cast in the video below.

The Secrets She Keeps airs on Wednesdays at 8. 45 pm on 10, 10 Play And WIN Network.