Why Melissa Leong Took A Phone Call In The Middle Of A MasterChef Cliffhanger Moment

After a gruelling challenge that saw the MasterChef: Back To Win contestants battling the weather to serve a Thai feast to 100 diners, the judges gathered to announce the winning team.

Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen fronted the contestants at the Thai Ute restaurant in Melbourne's Ringwood East, where the challenge had been set.

The Aqua and Orange teams -- led by Khanh and Tessa, respectively -- created two entrees and three mains each that encapsulated the flavours of Thailand with plenty of chilli and tamarind in the mix.

But as the teams nervously waited to hear who would be heading into tomorrow's Pressure Test, the judges were interrupted as they worked through their assessment of the evening's spread.

"As for the mains," Melissa began, before the sound of a ringing phone echoed around the restaurant.

"And the phone's ringing so I'll just go take that now," she said, as the contestants began to laugh.

But, like a true professional, this wasn't just a visual gag for TV, Mel just didn't want Thai Ute to miss out on a call from one of their customers!

Khanh could be heard off camera whispering, "What is she doing?" possibly worried that this was an elaborate setup to tell the contestants they had to go back into the kitchen to cook desserts.

"Hello, Thai Ute!" Mel answered the phone. "For tomorrow, a reservation, right?" she asked, confirming an insanely early 5 pm dinner booking.

"Thank you so much, not a problem, bye!" she said, seemingly jotting the note down before returning to face the contestants, who hooted and clapped the very classy move by Mel.

She took her place once again between Jock and Andy, clapped her hands together and said: "Right, where were we?"

It speaks volumes that a MasterChef judge knows the importance of being a polite guest in a restaurant and that even though service was finished, hospitality is not just a job, it's a way of life.

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