‘Four Out Of Five Contestants Will Be Wearing Pants’: How HYBPA Will Look A Little Different Tonight

The season premiere of Have You Been Paying Attention kicks off tonight, but viewers can expect the hilarious quiz show to include a few wildcard elements we’ve never seen before.

Instead of viewing the comedians bunched together behind their usual buzzers, we’re going to get a look inside the homes of Kitty Flanagan, Marty Sheargold, Urzila Carlson, Ed Kavalee, and Sam Pang.

Speaking to 10 daily via the phone ahead of the show’s return, quizmaster Tom Gleisner described how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way HYBPA has traditionally been recorded.

“Hopefully the show will look and sound pretty much like it always has but behind the scenes I’ll be in the studio on my own, as in, [with] a small crew but no audience and no contestants,” Tom said.

“Our five contestants will be safely at home and delivering the show from a distance.”

In the case of Urzila, it’ll be a very safe distance, with the comic dialling in from thousands of kilometres away across the Tasman.

“Urzila Carlson, who is part of the show on Monday night, she’s of course coming all the way from Auckland in New Zealand we’re they’re even stricter than us over there, they’re at stage four so she has to hold the phone with her elbow, apparently and that’s as close as we’re going to get to her,” Tom explained.

The new HYBPA setup introduces a few unique challenges that we’ve seen unfold in Zoom meetings during the last couple of months -- children and pets running rampant, mute button disasters, and of course, being held at the mercy of Australia’s internet speed.

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“We did a technical run a couple of weeks ago and we discovered that Marty Sheargold is still on dial up internet so it was a little hard to make out the pictures in his bunker,” Tom told 10 daily.

But while viewers might have to listen carefully to hear Marty’s quips -- Tom said it’ll be recent Dancing With The Stars contestants Ed Kavalee who will have a more chaotic background.

“He’s known to have either a pet or a child enter at inopportune times but I can give our viewers this reassurance that four out of the five contestants will be wearing pants,” he promised, which will be a fun activity for viewers to pay attention to.

Tom told 10 daily that he'll be keeping his eyes peeled, not for any wardrobe malfunctions, but to make sure that no-one's getting any outside help.

"Everyone’s going to have to be on their absolute honest, best behaviour - if we discover that somebody has got a phone open next to their computer and Wikipedia on their bookmarks...

"But you know, now that I think about it -- If Sam Pang gets more than three questions right this Monday night, I’m going to organise a federal police raid on his house."

Ultimately, the show's return is going to feel very familiar (even the celebrity guest quiz masters will be working from home) with not even a global pandemic able to stop the gang finding the funnier moments in the news cycle.

"Our news is really dominated by this issue [coronavirus] so anyone who thinks we’re going to avoid it is deluding themselves because everything in one way or another relates to it.

"But I think our job on HYBPA is to find the fun, the lighter side -- and not the statistics and the isolation that it’s creating."

Have You Been Paying Attention? kicks off tonight at 8.30pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.