The MasterChef ‘Gooey’ Challenge Made Fans Remember This Iconic Children’s Book

Tonight's MasterChef elimination cook asked contestants to create a 'crunchy' and then a 'gooey' dish -- and the evocative words managed to summon some powerful primary school memories.

After the first round, the five least impressive dishes sent their makers to the second, ~gooier~ challenge and the word was probably uttered about 300 times as the judges discussed the merits of marshmallows, caramels, oozing cheese and slowly cascading egg yolks.

And in some kind of Pavlovian response, the word triggered some fans to begin chanting the only iconic song to feature 'gooey' as a lyric -- the Wombat Stew song.

The classic Australian children's book by Marcia K. Vaughn was published 33 years ago and the chances are, if you attended primary school in the last three decades, the song is tattooed inside your brain.



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Wombat Stew featured the work of a crafty dingo, who could be considered an early MasterChef pioneer himself. After catching a wombat by the local billabong, the dingo starts working out the perfect gourmet recipe and, because he's multi-talented, he composes a little ditty about his own Mystery Box.

"Wombat stew, wombat stew, gooey, brewy, yummy, chewy, wombat stew!"

The wombat's furry friends ruin the dingo's plans for a succulent slow-cooked meal by tricking him with a fake recipe that involves adding mud and leaves.

It's a story most of us probably haven't thought about in years, until MasterChef helped dust those ooey-gooey memories off for us.

And yes, we're going to be singing the Wombat Stew song all week, thanks, MasterChef. 

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