'It Was A Really Interesting Challenge': How Adam Lambert And Queen Recreated One Of The Band's Most Iconic Songs

It's a song that's commonly used to applaud victorious sports teams but has been re-recorded to honour the heroes working on the coronavirus front line.

Calling in via video link to The Sunday Project, Adam Lambert explained how he and the members of Queen decided to update "We Are The Champions" to "You Are The Champions" -- and the "interesting challenge" of recording the tune in isolation.

"You know, doing this in quarantine, everybody recorded their part separately on a phone so, it was definitely an interesting prospect," Lambert said.

"Brian [May] came up with the idea first, he lay down the guitar and Roger [Taylor] had his part on and they sent it to me," he added.



WATCH: Queen And Adam Lambert Perform Quarantine Version Of 'We Are The Champions'

Queen and Adam Lambert have surprised fans with an rendition of classic hit "We Are The Champions" while in isolation.

Lambert, who first performed as Queen's vocalist in 2009, explained that he and the band had a discussion that, if they were going to re-record the classic first sung by Freddie Mercury, they were going to "dedicate it to the front-line workers that are putting their lives on the line fighting the virus".

"I can only imagine the type of bravery you have to summon and the hope that you have to summon in order to go into work every day and fight against this crisis," Lambert told The Sunday Project. 



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He added that changing the focus of the song from 'we' to 'you' was a fitting way to "give some love to them, give some encouragement, some support -- hopefully it makes everyone on the front-line feel stronger and appreciated and I hope they know how much we care and how much we're grateful."

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Before the pandemic hit, Lambert and Queen performed as part of the Firefight Australia concert -- the star-studded lineup that came together to raise money for bushfire relief.

"One of the things I love about working with Queen is that they really have a sense of duty to causes. It's amazing to get to work with the group that has the reach and the notoriety that they have," Lambert said.

"We can really make a difference when we apply their amazing catalogue of songs to these fundraising efforts," he added.

Lambert has also been spending his time in isolation fundraising for GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) by putting some of his incredible stage costumes (studded leather jackets, three-piece suits, metallic bomber jackets) up for auction.

"I thought my fans would probably get a kick out of these things -- I don't need them," he said.

"So I decided to partner with eBay to do the action, all the funds raised will go to GLAAD who are putting together a special fund for LBGTQ people affected by this crisis."

You can check out Adam's stunning wardrobe, and maybe even place a bid, over here.

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