Hibachi Grill Sales Skyrocket Thanks To Everyone On MasterChef Using Them

The humble Hibachi grill has become the breakout star of this season of MasterChef.

With every challenge thrown at the returning favourites, they somehow find a way to whip out the ol' Hibachi and crank up the heat of the kitchen significantly.

"You see everyone sweating," Ben Milbourne told 10 daily about the handy devices.

"Not because of the pressure or we're under the pump ... it's because there are so many Hibachis."



What's A Hibachi And Why Is Everyone On MasterChef Using One?

Forget panna cottas or blast chillers -- 2020 is the year of the hibachi.

And while the Japanese grill has been the butt of many, many jokes this season, viewers have also started become curious as to WHY the chefs are so keen to whack proteins, veggies and even a duck oesophagus onto the hibachi.

Online retailer has reportedly seen a 1600 per cent increase in Hibachi sales month on month from March to April.

The Cookmaster Hibachi Grill has become this season's hottest item -- literally because it's a little box of fire -- that Aussies are now getting around.

"The reason Hibachis have become so prevalent this season is because they make everything taste so f**king good," Harry Foster told 10 daily.

"You could put a dog turd on a Hibachi and it'll literally come out amazing," he joked -- before adding, "don't put that in the article." (Sorry Harry).

Meanwhile Ben explained, "you want to try and cram as much flavour into something as you can, and you've got an option to cook something in a frying pan ... you're not really adding any flavour, but you can control the heat, control the cook.



'It Is A Bit Of A Stress Reliever': The Kitchen Gadget That Hayden Just Convinced Us To Buy

Hayden Quinn might have just introduced us to the kitchen gadget we never knew we desperately needed.

"A Hibachi is going to add a layer of flavour you can't get anywhere else. So you've got the option between cooking on a Hibachi or a frying pan you're always going to take the Hibachi. You're cramming more flavour in the dish."

Harry agreed saying the grill gives off a "rich, smoky flavour".

"It's really easy to get a nice char on anything, it's actually quite easy to cook on them," he added.

Ben also said that once contestants saw one or two people using a Hibachi "it just became a thing".

"Everyone was putting their hand up saying, 'I need a Hibachi!''

And once Australia saw the contestants using them (and using them and using them), it seems they're saying the same thing.

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