'The C-Virus Has Even Affected Survivor!': How The Goggleboxers Reacted To The Unusual All Stars Finale

While the Australian Survivor: All Stars finale didn't wrap up like it normally does, the setting wasn't so different from some of the Goggleboxers' lounge rooms.

The epic finale episode of the series saw the last remaining players David Genat, Moana Hope and Sharn Coombes compete in a gruelling immunity challenge that had the households asking each other who they were rooting for.

"Do you really have to ask who I'm rooting for?" Tim asked sister Leanne with a deadpan expression, as David's bare chest lit up the screen.

Tim later gushed, "My man's in the final!" after Dave outlasted Sharn and Mo in the final immunity challenge, choosing to take the former all the way to top two with him.

After the pair made their final, passionate speeches to the jury, the Goggleboxers chanted impatiently for Jonathan LaPaglia to read the votes.

"Oh my god, read the votes, read the votes, read the votes," Sarah Marie said while bouncing baby Malik.

But, as youngster Jacob Elias explained to the rest of his family, it was standard practice for JLP to create extra suspense by reading the votes in Australia.



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Which is normally no problem at all -- except when a certain virus closed borders, grounded flights and meant Jonathan would be reading the votes from his home in Los Angeles.

Jad and Jonathan taking up a similar role this year. Image: Network 10.

So when Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg stepped on screen -- there was confusion in every single Gogglebox household, with everyone saying the host's name in a very high-pitched, surprised tone.

"Mixing up the shows now, I'm expecting a rose," said Kate Dalton with her husband Matt later chiming in, "So, even the c-virus has affected Survivor?"



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Osher announced that finalist Sharn and JLP were joining the episode via video link -- which is exactly how Jad has been watching TV with Sarah Marie, Jad, Malik and Bane the Bulldog.

"Bro, we're all in the same boat," said Jad from his computer screen, adorably placed on the couch where he normally sits.

Jad cheered his fave player Dave on after he was awarded the title of sole survivor and showed that, even when he's logging in remotely, Jad's still one of the most charismatic Goggleboxers.

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