'Your Heart Skips A Beat': Ryan Fitzy Fitzgerald On Coronavirus Close Call

On Tuesday, Fitzy will host Coronavirus Australia: Our Story, a one-hour doco that hopes to look at the true Aussie spirit behind the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world.

Tracing back to the beginning of the virus' spread across the globe, Our Story also hopes to uplift, telling stories of communities coming together in these difficult times.

"There's so much thrown at us these days that sometimes it's good just to break it down from when it first started to where we are today, and how we're handling it as a country," Fitzy told 10 daily over the phone.



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"I thought it's a great show in the sense that it gives you statistics and shows you where we're at in what we have to do, but it also shows the side of Australians -- we like to entertain each other and humour ourselves," he continued, "I think that's really, really important in the current climate."

Within the doc, the high profile cases of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are explored -- as is the positive diagnosis of Australia's own Richard Wilkins. One person who was immediately impacted by that was Fitzy himself who, just days before Richard's positive diagnosis, had recorded in-studio with the entertainment reporter.

Fitzy, his on-air co host Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli, their team and Network 10's entertainment editor Angela Bishop were all quarantined and tested, all returning a negative diagnosis.



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"Your heart skips a beat," Fitzy said recalling how he felt when he heard the news, adding, "you just instantly think of your family first and if there's going to be an impact on them,"

Going into isolation Fitzy said was difficult at first. "You've never lived like that before," he explained. "Then you've got to adjust and work out how you're going to live like that, but then by the end of isolation, after the 14 days...we still live the isolated life."

Despite the new adjustments to everyday life, Fitzy said he's committed to keeping the family active and entertained.

"We do something every day," he said admitting that he and the family had just finished a circuit workout in the backyard. "Whether you kick the footy, do a circuit or go for a bike ride we try to do something every day," he added.

Fitzy is joined in Our Story by a handful of other Aussies like Amanda Keller, Todd Sampson and Kate Langbroek who has been in Italy throughout the pandemic.

Kate and her family moved to the city of Bologna last year and have been living under the country's strict lockdown since it was put in place last month.

On Friday, Kate revealed her husband, Peter Allan Lewis, had been stopped by police while on a bike ride early in the morning.

"They changed the rules the night before," she told Triple M's Moonman in the Morning, "he's being sued by the city of Bologna."

While there is a lot of work to be done before we can return to normality, Fitzy said he's been encouraged by the way Aussies have started to adapt and come together.

"We experienced it with the bushfires and saw the Aussie spirit, helping each other out, but this is going to another level.

"We have to do this as a team," he said, "and do it all together and when we're asked to do that -- it's really warming to see Australians lifting and helping each other out."

Coronavirus Australia: Our Story airs Tuesday, 7 April at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.