The MasterChef: Back To Win Contestants Told Us How They Created Their Iconic Intro Poses

The musical introduction to MasterChef Australia plays a crucial role in setting the scene for every episode of the season.

Hearing the first few notes of Katy's Perry's "Hot N' Cold" is the musical cue to come running towards your television for a nightly face-to-face with the top 24 contestants.

While the MasterChef opening credits change each year, they always strive to sum up the culinary identity of each home cook in just a few seconds using their favourite ingredient, technique or utensil.

And, as the season progresses, the intro is a way to sigh and pay your respects to those who have left the competition and give a little whoop for your faves who are still in it to win it.

After more than a decade on air, the annual sequence has also become a cult favourite, with teens on TikTok re-mixing the format to come up with their own hilarious intro poses last year.

With 24 of the best contestants in the show's history returning for MasterChef: Back To Win, we decided to revisit a few of the most classic poses.

Hayden Quinn

Image: Network 10.

Hayden Quinn scored the prime spot during the Season 3 opening credits, the last face to pop up before the final fireball. The then lifeguard got to clap bread flour, creating a beautiful plume of dust.

While we've always loved Hayden's intro, he explained to 10 daily that he has two major regrets about his scene -- his hair and, perhaps, the brand of deodorant he was using at the time.

"I had a bouffant of hair, I don’t know what happened to the hair --  the hair was ridiculous," Hayden said, still clearly thinking about that hair.

"And I also had sweat patches under my arms," he said, adding, "I was wearing a light blue shirt and underneath my armpits was just sweat".

Hayden said that his "mates don't let me live that one down" but that he wouldn't mind recreating the scene again -- just maybe with a different hairstyle.



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Simon Toohey

Image: Network 10.

Simon Toohey's Season 11 pose sums up exactly who he is as chef and gave us an early indicator of what his MasterChef journey would be like.

"I had a really good one, I was really happy with it," Simon told 10 daily ahead of the Back To Win premiere.

Simon got to use a corn cob and a Hibachi grill which he was pretty stoked with, even though he "burnt [himself] heaps" in the process.

"It was fantastic, because we had oil and it was smoking up and it was veggies -- it was everything I loved.

"Cooking with fire and corn  was something that I always wanted to do in the smokehouse and then it actually ended up being a reality so it was quite cool, it really had a correlation."

Poh Ling Yeow

Image: Network 10.

If you've been revisiting Season 1 of MasterChef Australia on 10 Play, Poh's intro action will be fresh in your memory -- as fresh as the pineapple she dramatically chops in the time to the soundtrack.

"Mine was chopping a pineapple in the air with a cleaver -- aggressive!" Poh laughed.

"I loved it.



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Laura Sharrad

Image: Network 10.

This might be our overall winner for the most iconic MasterChef intro of all time, because there's a lot going on with Season 6 runner-up Laura Sharrad (nee Cassai) in this shot.

Laura burst into laughter when we asked her to describe how she ended up with two very unusual kitchen items.

"It was me running through the kitchen with a pair of scissors, with an artichoke in one hand," she said.

"The day before I'd cut my hand so I had a bandaged hand, scissors in one hand, artichokes in the other, " she said, adding that when she saw the sequence she joked, "that is the most attractive thing I’ve ever seen!"

Reynold Poernomo

Image: Network 10.

He rarely put a foot wrong throughout Season 9, but Reynold thinks he's made some sartorial strides since his last appearance on MasterChef Australia. 

"I was wearing a really crappy checkered shirt and folding my arms with a very cheesy smile," Reynold told 10 daily.

"I was an awkward 21 year old," he added.



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Emelia Jackson

Image: Network 10.

Dessert queen Emelia was chosen to carry one of the most controversial dishes in MasterChef history -- both a blessing and a curse.

"I was holding a plate of panna cotta and I was walking in,  sashaying from side to side and the panna cotta was  jiggling," she told 10 daily.

"And then everyone called me the panna cotta queen and it was horrific!" she laughed.



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Reece Hignell

Image: Network 10.

Reece Hignell's Season 10 intro is all about giving thanks to haute cuisine and worshipping at the glorious MasterChef altar.

"I'm like, doing the praise Jesus, hallelujah," he told 10 daily of why he looks like the leader of a religion devoted to cakes and cooking.

"The the plate gets placed on the bench, and I'm like, 'Ahhhhhhh,'" he explained, mimicking angels singing in wonder.

The dish, although we don't really get to see it, was Reece's splattered dessert audition dish and it's a MasterChef memory he holds close to his heart.

"I love it, I love everything about the show," he laughed.

MasterChef: Back To Win Premieres On Easter Monday, April 13 at 7.30 pm. Only On 10 and WIN Network.