How Jamie Oliver Is Using Self-Isolation To 'Keep Cooking And Carry On'

Jamie Oliver's new TV series is all about embracing flexibility in the kitchen in the face of COVID-19.

As we rifle through our pantries and freezers and adjust to the reality that supermarket shelves are looking a little different than usual, Keep Cooking And Carry On is the handbook for deliciousness we all need.

In Jamie Oliver lingo, it's about being "bendy" and learning new and creative ways to create familiar meals with basic ingredients.

And just as Jamie is a Mystery Box wizard when it comes to food, he's also been a bit "bendy" himself in creating a new home studio to keep filming Keep Cooking And Carry On. 

The first five episodes of the series were quickly put together in Jamie's office with a very small crew in just five days -- a hurried response to help home cooks everywhere as a result of the spread of coronavirus. 



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But in a video posted to Instagram, Jamie explained that, as restrictions have tightened even further, he has had to get a little creative with the help of his wife, Jools Oliver. 



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"We turned around last week's series of Keep Cooking And Carry On very quickly,  three month job in three days," he explained to his followers.

"Of course, now the government have said we have to stay at home, so we’re doing that and we’re now going to be doing the second season... in our home," he added.

Jamie revealed that with no staff and no equipment, he'll be shooting the rest of the series on his phone, in a makeshift setup with help from just one crew member, Jools.

"We’re doing it in the coldest part of the house, because it’s got decent light here," he said, showing Jools clutching a hot water bottle with some comfy slippers on.



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"The sound is terrible so we put the sofas around like that," Jamie added, showing off his creative soundproofing technique.

In a separate video featuring the couple's second youngest son, Buddy, we see the Olivers getting used to the new setup with camera person Jools working on close-ups, keeping the iPhone steady and, occasionally, forgetting to hit the record button.

Keep Cooking And Carry On is hitting 10 tonight, Sunday April 5 at 7.30 pm and, throughout the series, Australian viewers will get to watch Jamie's ideal isolation meals including a veggie chilli, a simple carbonara, homemade pasta, a clever frozen fish pie and a selection of genius dressings to jazz up your salads.

"These are bendy recipes where you can swap out ingredients so that you can make delicious food, no matter what you've got in your fridge, cupboard or freezer," Jamie explained on Instagram.

Between this and the timely return of MasterChef, we'll hopefully be leaving our homes when this is all over as fully-trained chefs.

Keep Cooking And Carry On Airs Sunday Nights From 7.30 pm. Only On 10 And WIN Network.

Main Image: Network 10/Instagram.