James Corden's Message Of Hope In ‘One Of The Strangest And Scariest Moments’

Transmitting a message to the world from his garage, James Corden reached out to viewers in a difficult time.

The Late Late Show Homefest special saw Corden far removed from his studio and live audience -- instead setting up in his garage, alone with a handful of cameras.

Bringing out his phone, Coden showed he was truly alone in his garage, but that wouldn’t stop him from bringing viewers a star-studded line-up of guests to the special.

With artists like Dua Lipa, Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend, and BTS all standing by to beam in to his garage from around the world, Corden kicked off the show with a heartfelt message.

“I know that this is a strange and terrifying time, and I just want you to know that we are all in this together,” he began.



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"Tonight is about bringing people together to keep them apart," he said.

"And in the time since I’ve moved to America, in the last five years it's really felt like the world, and America has felt so divided at times. There’s been so much divisiveness. And in many ways, in the most unique way this virus has brought us all together."

Saying the virus “doesn’t discriminate in any way”, Corden went on to say it had been an unlikely unifier.

"It’s reminded us that we need to look out for our neighbours. It’s reminded me of the importance of my friends and my family and how much I need them. It’s reminded me if I’m honest to live life with a bit more urgency," he said.

“That there are so many small things that I had started to take for granted. And it’s reminded me that when this is all over and said and done that we need to make the most of every single day.”



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Corden praised the inventiveness and humour people have shown while adapting to the new world of isolation, social distancing. The host showed some of his favourite examples of isolated sports, dance parties and the occasional wine night with the gang (if your bathroom mirrors count as ‘the gang’).

In March, Corden and his team made the decision to suspend The Late Late Show, tweeting “the safest thing to do is to stop for a moment and take advice further down the line”.

Homefest: James Corden's Late Late Show Special airs Sunday, April 5 at 8.30 on 10 and WIN Network.